Apple iPhone 3G Smartphone

Apple iPhone 3G Smartphone

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Where would I be without my iPhone???? I have no idea. It's like carrying a computer with me! iPhone is the BEST.

I had this phone for almost 3 years before I had to change my plan/carrier. I loved it, had many apps on it which really helped me in many ways.

worked well for a long time but just didnt cut it with the cheaper outer layer. Kinda sucked.

I Love iPhone! I use it everyday for everything from checking e-mail to entertaining my kids to playing scrabble with my out of town family. With the extensive app store there is nothing this phone can't do. If you are looking for a smart phone and can afford the investment this is the way to go!

I got this phone from my daughter when she bought the Iphone4G. I love the features, but when I'm at home, my phone says theres no service, searching, lost calls, and missed calls. AT&T says I'm near a tower and that shouldn't be a problem but it is. I feel it must be this particular phone because my son has the same phone and he doesn't have this happen.

I have had the phone for almost a year now. I have had a few problems with it freezing ever since I did the upgrade a couple months ago, but other than that the phone hasn't had any problems. My service from at&t on the other hand has been horrible. I live in an area the they say has the best coverage, but I have calls drop, my phone won't ring and a voicemail pops up, or some regular text (not picture) messages take at times close to an hour. I recommend the phone, but not at&t.

I got the iPhone 3G a couple months ago, and I absolutely love it! I could have paid top dollar for the 4G, but I didn't see the point. I actually got the 3G free when I renewed my contract with AT&T. It is perfect for what I need right now, and I have found so many useful apps for FREE that help at work, in my direct sales business, and at home. I haven't run into any problems that would be fixed with the 4G.

I love this phone, it is the very best out of any phone I have owned. I can do so much with this phone, the apps are great, it comes in so handy when you are out and about. It is like have a mini computer with you at all times. I use my phone all day, it is my work phone my play phone and the battery holds up very well under pressure!!

I had an ipod touch so I knew I would like the iphone, and I love it! It's easy to use, has amazing graphics, and is faster than my old blackberry ever was. I would recommend this phone to anyone. My favorite game app is angry birds (like most) and my most used app is probably the Facebook app. I have this phone in white and love it!!! Worth every penny. Also, I sold my old Blackberry on for money so in a way made my iphone that much cheaper!

This would have to be the greatest phone I have. The apps are fun and helpful.

I love my iPhone

I never thought I would use one of these until I bought one. Now, I can't live without it. I am totally spoiled. I love all of the apps. I use the Geocaching app to treasure hunt, when I leave my GPS at home, I use the Speech-Language Pathology apps with my students at school, and I love to use Quick Tip whenever I go to restaurants. I have also used the Google maps app for directions whenever I've been lost.

I loved this phone. I upgraded to the Iphone 4.. and so want my 3 back!! The 3 is so easy to use and upgrade.

I used to be one of those people that just wanted a basic phone for calling and texting, but now that I have started using my iPhone I don't know what I would do without it. The only problem I have is when I am not connected to wi-fi the AT&T Internet is super slow. Other than that it rocks.

I love my Iphone 3G as a computer, its amazing! BUt as a phone its horrible! I drop so many calls, and I dont live in a rural area or anything, its just drops tons of calls! Talking to my husband on his iPhone we drop the call maybe 2 or 3 times, though not EVERY call gets dropped. BUT we called AT&T to ask if there was something we could do and if you turn off your 3G and let it run on the Edge ( E ) network you get all four bars of reception! The only difference is it loads webpages a little slower. So though we bought the phones for the 3G speed we really have that off most of the time.