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  • moni25 By  moni25    

    i pad2

    My iPad is my mobile laptop. It is my second love LOL. I love that I can surf the web, take and look at pictures, listen to music, play games and even draw on it with certain apps. My iPad is so versatile and I love it!

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  • elizaleona By  elizaleona    

    Has (almost) completely replaced my laptop

    Yes, the iPad 2 is not the cheapest electronic device on the market. There's a reason the Apple company has more money than god, I suppose. I received my iPad 2 around three years ago as a gift. I'd only used Windows-running computers until then but my Dell laptop had died so I certainly wasn't going to disdain a free tablet. Since I got my iPad 2 I've had absolutely no problems with it. I use it most days for many things and it's held up great. My only reservation about the device is that it can't burn cds/dvds (much less of an issue now with streaming subscription music/video services), but that's small matter compared to how faithfully my iPad 2 has served me. I have nothing against Windows or Android devices,m; it's just that I've been very happy with my iPad 2 and its performance.

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  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    I'm a huge Mac person and have been ever since I used my first iMac over 10 years ago. I have loved my iPad since I first bought it, just like all my other Apple products. It's great for travel or watching tv in bed. My only regret is that I didn't get the iPad Mini as I like to travel light when flying and the Mini seems to fit into my hand better than the regular sized one. I had to buy a special stand for it as I get fatigued holding it while watching tv. The only other negative thing I can say about it is that you can't go to Web sites that use Flash

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  • diamondnicole11 By  diamondnicole11    

    love apple products.the best ever,i love how the computers never get viruses,everything is nice and fast,nice color and on love

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  • ksherfield1 By  ksherfield1    

    My iPad is my mobile laptop. It is my second love LOL. I love that I can surf the web, take and look at pictures, listen to music, play games and even draw on it with certain apps. My iPad is so versatile and I love it!

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  • coleenrena By  coleenrena    

    love it so easy to use

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  • Jean1214 By  Jean1214    

    My husband begged me for this for Christmas 2 years ago. He has turned it on twice! So, I use it every day, all day long. Love it.

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  • Meganelewin By  Meganelewin    

    Great product! I would be lost without it!

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  • Silkki By  Silkki    

    The very first time I turned it on it froze on me. My first thought was, maybe I'm just not supposed to have a tablet, I've tried the Motorola Xoom and Kobo Vox. So far I have had no luck with them. But I gave the iPad the benefit of the doubt and blamed myself "I hit the button too fast" you know, computers do it all the time. I find the iPad to be fantastic, I have Kobo, Kindle, iBooks any app I think I could ever need is on this tablet. Like the Xoom, I am able to load more than one email address into the email reader and that is fantastic, because I have so many of them. Now they are all in one place. I do like it though. It does have it's "this thing is a pain in the BEEP" moments... It freezes every so often, not a big deal as of yet, I can not write my reviews from it which is a huge downer for me, I have to share with my daughter....okay, that last one is not the fault if the tablet, nor is it an issue, it's nice to share something with her. She's a good kid and deserves to enjoy this wonderful tool. My 3 year old can play games on it, and sometimes if I am doing something, like trying to get dressed I will let my 1 year old doodle in one of the fantastic apps available. I can honestly say, I see what all the fuss is about. In so many ways I think, great product but the Xoom did that too, this is lighter than the Xoom, I think it's the lightest tablet on the market right now, if I'm not mistaken. I almost forgot to mention, "FaceTime" is my favorite feature. It will come in very handy when my husband is away so he can still see the children because at these ages they do grow really fast. I really like this feature, it's just another excellent way to keep in touch with each other, or family and friends who live far away. We have friends all around the world, now we need to get them all to buy one of these amazing little devices.

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  • kitakat08 By  kitakat08    

    My son is autistic and this has helped with his ability to learn, interact socially and provided a great tool for him to learn about technology. The apps that he uses range from playing a piano, painting, reading text books about the human body to famous artists and playing games that helps with coordination and teach social skills. When he goes to bed, it's mom's turn to surf the web. ;)

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  • csarcher By  csarcher    

    I received my Apple iPad 2 on my birthday last year! I absolutely love it. It is so convenient. It is perfect to travel with. My 2 year old son learns SO much from the games that he can play.

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  • SchottlerC By  SchottlerC    

    We love our iPad! We got it to help our daughter with Asperger's learn additional social skills, but now our whole family uses it! Thank goodness for all the different apps and abilities!

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  • kmarie12 By  kmarie12    

    Great! My fiance has not put it down since I got it for him. He loves the apps, and pictures are so clear! He takes it everywhere with him.

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  • Sam_Sarah By  Sam_Sarah    

    I absolutely love my iPad!! It's my travel companion where ever I go. I'm a flight attendant and am always on the go. The iPad is great for travel. It's portable, lightweight, and a lot of fun. I can check my e-mail, my schedule, play games, shop, read books, upload photos, watch videos and much more. It's not very functional if you're looking to do work or extensive reports. However, I know that it goes where ever I go:-)

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  • swimmom By  swimmom    

    Small enough to carry in your handbag. Love the app ability and that it is a back lit e-reader. Also, your thumb and forefinger can enlarge it to see without your glasses.

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