Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)

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Very helpful These make life a lot easier! I can talk on the phone hands free while completing tasks. The battery lasts a long time. My only concern is that I'm gonna lose one of the AirPods, the case or all of them.

easy to use These are perfect little headphones. wireless ans easy to carry

These were given to me as a gift, they?re so comfortable and pretty loud. They charge very fast and last you a life time... literally!! You can talk hands free and do a million other things while wearing your wireless headphones.

Love them Easy yo use. Comfortable and stylish. Recommend a tile case on them in case they get lost.

Heck Yeah! This is my first set of AirPods so maybe I'm more easily impressed but none-the-less they are truly magical. The most beautiful thing about them was I didn't need to know anything about them (Other than they belonged in my ears) in order to get these little gems to work. The case they came in is a charger. Charge the case, I charge the AirPods then I have a wireless charging case to carry them around in. My phone, watch and Mac paired so seamlessly! When I set them next to my phone, they popped up on the screen and told me how to pair it . Basically, I put on in my ear and I was on your way. The sound is amazing! I have the iPhone 11 and the sound on the phone alone is greatly improved too and I'm no techie so I'm not sure how much that plays into it, if at all. They automatically play when I put them in my ears and pause when I take them out. I answer calls, hear messages, simply tap them to adjust the volume! When I take a call on them I've been told my voice is clear with no background noise at all. The charge lasts a LONG time and I suppose if I needed to charge them while out, I have the wireless charger. I strongly recommend AirPods if you are an Apple person. Your not using your phone or watch to it's full potential without them.

Worth It I love the way these AirPods work so well with the phone. They're super easy to figure out and you can customize the controls - that way, I can easily answer calls and pause/skip music. And no wire to get in the way. I admit I was skeptical about them at first, but in my opinion they're worth it. Charges quick and lasts a while.