Apple 16GB iPad + WiFi

Apple 16GB iPad + WiFi

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This goes everywhere with us. Love love love it!!!

dispite the minor glitches with all apple products, I absolutely love my iPad and do not go a single day without using it!

My husband actually won this through his work. We have had it for a few months now and we don't go a single day without using it for one thing or another. I didn't understand how anyone could go out and try to replace their computer with a tablet. Now I understand. You really can do mostly anything on it.

I bought this for my mom for Christmas to give her a simple, comfortable way to get to her email. My dad had always been the one to deal with the computer in their house, and since he passed away I have had to check her mail and read it to her over the phone from 1000 miles away! She wasn't too excited at first to deal with a new piece of technology, but within 2 weeks she has completely embraced it. Using the touch screen is so much easier for her than using a mouse ever was, and the on-screen keyboard is large enough that she has no trouble using it at all. She loves sitting in her comfy chair in her living room watching tv at night, and just picking this up during commercials. She's even started venturing into some of the apps I downloaded for her, and onto the internet to surf a bit. And I'm so happy I no longer have to snail-mail pictures of my son to her!

For me, IPad is not as much a toy or a work device, as it is an educational tool for my 6 year old son who has serious developmental delays. With the help of his teachers, we found apps that not only help him learn academics, but also improve his fine motor skills (like letter and number tracing using the touch screen). As a reward between Ipad or other learning activities (we do ABA at home), he loves watching Thomas show on his IPad through Netflix. His sister LOVES books I download on IPad. And I enjoy playing Bejeweled at the end of a long day! HIghly recommend this smart device.

I received this iPad as a X-mas gift from my husband last year and I couldn't have been more thrilled. He kept hinting that it was going to be a "slam-dunk" as far as a success and a hit with me, and boy was he right. I use the iPad more than my regular pc, and I absolutely love it! It would be perfect except for the fact that it doesn't allow flashplayer, and that's the one thing I really wish it had. I use it both as a regular means to my e-mails, web searches and on top of that, I can watch HBO, PBS and netflix with it. It comes in handy when my hubby is sleeping, and I am still awake, so I can catch up on some of the shows and not wake him up while using it. My husband bought the iPad 2 when that first came out and he uses it for everything too. That one has a camera and video function, so he has brought it with us when we were in Yosemite and took video of the waterfalls,etc.... The picture quality is great and I am looking forward to whatever Apple has in the works down the road. LOVE IT!

I was skeptical of the iPad at first. I had somehow made it through life without it this far and didn't know how it would be different from a computer or my smart phone. That said, I find myself on it constantly. It has been seamlessly integrated into my life, and I can't imagine the world without it. I surf the web, read emails, and use countless apps to do things like play spider solitaire, do crosswords, and find recipes. My only complaint is its lack of Flash, which can affect some of the websites. Other than that, it is the product that you never knew you needed. It makes a great gift for the person who has everything.

I have the 32 GB ... I use it every day, I had no idea how much I'd love it ... I read my kindle books on it while listening to corresponding nature themes or background noises, stream pandora, make and email grocery lists, shop online, check my email or facebook with having to start up a computer, turn it into an alarm clock that displays my personal pictures the backrounds and displays the current weather forecast temp and other stats, look up recipes and store them if they turn out well, make to do lists I can check off and not actually lose them ... it has a notepad I use constantly, progress journals, you name it ... it has it. Makes my life easier. I wouldn't be without it. But you have to put it to use to be useful, I have a friend who hates it but she hasn't taken the time to find things that appeal to her or how to make it work for her. I was so against buying electronic books because they weren't much cheaper than real books ... but you learn where to buy and if you are really into a series when you finish that book, you can with a click of a button be reading the next in the series ... provided its out already ... It replaced my laptop which had seen better days and if this ipad broke, I'd buy another ipad not a laptop to replace it. Though I have to admit, I am interested to try out the Galaxy Tab ... only for two reasons. 1) Flash (Apple does not allow this feature) and 2) Laputa book reader app on the android (My favorite book app)

I've had my iPad For 5 months now and I cannot go anywhere without it. I am at ease in the doctors office or dental appt and use it all the time at church to read the bible. I especially enjoy reading the news, watching YouTube and checking FaceBook. One of the best investments I've made in a long time!

I love my iPad and use it daily to check email and browse the web. I generally don't have too many qualms with it . There are a couple of improvements that I would make - I wish that it was flash enabled because there are a number of websites out there that I can't use because they are flash based; this is very annoying to me. I also find typing on it more difficult than my iPhone. I realize that i could plug in a keyboard but really I don't want to. Lastly, the printing thing is an issue. I think that with the latest OS and a specific app that I could over come this but I haven't gotten that far.

I received this amazing gift for Christmas and love it!!! I love everything about it! I love just surfing the web with it, I adore it much more than my laptop!!!

I have 2 in my home! It's a great alternative to a laptop.

I am an experienced Kindle user, and an all around technology lover, so I would love to compare to an iPad. Send one my way for an in depth review.

I got my iPad when they first came out, and I love it! I have the iPhone so I was already used to the design. I love watching my videos on this when I travel because it has a great screen size, and it is light. I use it mostly to watch videos and surf the web.

As someone who constantly needs a 'web fix', I couldn't be more pleased with my iPad. It's small, convenient, and lightweight yet sturdy enough so that I don't feel like I'm holding something too delicate. For me, physical keyboards are the only way to go (I'm a Blackberry girl) and the thought of a touch keyboard made me a little apprehensive. After emailing for about an hour straight, I can honestly say typing is a breeze on the iPad. As a blogger, this totally takes the place of my laptop! Plus, if you're a bookworm like myself - you'll GREATLY appreciate the gorgeous interface of iBooks. Now I can enjoy my embarassing teen fiction (Harry Potter!) in privacy! I'm also a magazine junkie and I have to admit, The New Yorker is B-E-Autiful on the iPad! Sure, there's no camera but I can live without - my phone has one and since I have a WiFi card, sending it to the iPad is no problem.