App Can Tell You Why Your Newborn Is Crying

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jan 03, 2016

New parents may finally have some help in answering the age old question: “Why won’t the baby stop crying?” Taiwanese researchers have developed an app that can discern between four separate cries to let parents know exactly what the baby wants. Every new parent knows what it’s like to keep guessing at why the baby is fussing from changing clean diapers to trying to feed an already full tummy.

Fox News reports about the new app that took about 2 years of researching different baby cries and sounds before being released. Researchers Chang Chuan-yu and Dr Chen Si-da managed to collect 200,000 crying sounds from 100 babies before analyzing what the different frequencies mean.

Once Si-da and Chuan-yu were confident they were understanding what the babies wanted, they released the “Infant Cries Translator” that they say is up to 92% accurate when used on a new baby. Chuan-yu explains, “The Infant Cries Translator can differentiate four different statuses of sounds of baby crying, including hunger, the diaper getting wet, sleepy and pain. So far, according to the feedback from users, the accuracy of the app we've tested can reach 92 percent for babies under two weeks old. As for the babies under one or two months, the accuracy of the app can also reach up to 84 or 85 percent. Even for the four month old baby, the accuracy can reach 77 percent.” The app is not recommended for babies over 6 months old since researchers say the babies have adapted better to their environment.

The baby translator app is just one more high tech baby item new parents may or may not find useful. But as most of us know the frustration of not knowing what a new crying baby wants, the idea of an app that can simply tell you in plain terms probably sounds very appealing.

What do you think of the Infant Cries Translator app?

Do you think an app like this can really translate a baby’s cry and help new parents?

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queentracey by queentracey | augusta, ME
Mar 02, 2016

I used to think a new mommy and baby bond was partly figuring out what baby wants, I don't think it's replacable. It may be something to use for the fun of it but I think I will stick to mommy intuition anyday.