Anti monkey butt  Baby anti monkey butt diaper rash cream

Anti monkey butt Baby anti monkey butt diaper rash cream

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Holy grail This is the only ointment that healed my baby. Not to mention that it has some pretty catchy packaging thats a plus for someone like me!

This stuff is the best and way better than other kinds that i have tried.

Best Baby butt cream This product works well for my baby butt diaper rashes. This baby butt cream works with sensitive skin and it talc free which to me is the best part of this product. I like that Anti Monkey Butt keeps in mind that newborn need safe ingredients for our children. This stuff gets rid of chafing butt rashes and makes it easier for the baby and me to sleep. A happy baby means me and my wife can get some much needed rest. Fantastic product.

amazing i really love this product it really helped heal quick i was surprise hard to sqeeze but i love you

Bye Bye rash I came across this product at Baby R Us, and decided to give it a try on my little one. I find the bottle is very durable, but also hard to squeeze sometimes. The cream is very thick and defiently forms a great barrier. It really helped my daughter with her horrible diaper rash. We love it so much that we always have one for home and one for the diaper bag. We also enjoy using the Anti Monkey Butt powder.

Amber's Review This product is amazing. I applied it to my daughters diaper rash and it was gone the next day. It even works on adults that may get chapped skin.

I liked this item. It covered well and healed fast

This but paste is really good. My daughter had a really bad diaper rash and this but paste took it right away. I keep some with me all the time.

Love this cream, it works amazingly well. My best friend used it on her children and I absolutely loved how it worked. It is a diaper bag essential.

my daughter had got a really bad allergic reaction to diapers and wipes i was using on her! Nothing was working to relieve the rash until i came across this product(anti monkey butt diaper rash cream) it quickly took her rash away the first time i used it!!! really good stuff!

I received this odor my baby shower and my 3 month old at the time had a nasty diaper rash from a certain type of wipes that left her with a raw butt. Using this cleared it up love this stuff next to buttpase.

This stuff is a miracle worker!!! No one likes diaper rash. It doesn't hurt my babies & it is comforting to them.

I received this at my first baby shower and had never heard of the brand. I was skeptical, but it actually worked and worked better than competitors! Little guy had/has extremely sensitive skin, and this diaper cream was a lifesaver! It cleared up rashes in a jiffy!

This stuff is accually pretty amazing. My son has a very sensitive little booty and this always helped him.

My month old son has had an extreme diaper rash that seemed almost untreatable since we brought him home from the hospital. My pediatrician recommended this cream because of the balsam of Peru it contains. Well, it works better than anything else we've tried! (Boudreaux's butt paste and one called triple paste, suggested by a pharmacist). Noticed an improvement after one diaper change. Has a pleasant scent, as well. It's my new go to.