Anthony Bourdain Les Halles Cookbook

Anthony Bourdain Les Halles Cookbook

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If you LOVE cooking, then this is a MUST HAVE Cookbook! The best and comforting recipes mixed with humor and joy makes this a Cook Book for everyone:) It is very detailed, which is great for those newer Home Chefs, it teaches you to really absorb the details that can make a world of difference!

Bourdain Fans from his TV shows to cookbooks will love this cookbook. To me his french cooking is fun and really intresting. Reading this book made me long for some Steak and Frites with some good wine from Bordeaux.

Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles cookbook is the first cookbook I ever read from start to finish. It's also the first cookbook I've ever read that has made me laugh. It's interesting, informative, and funny as heck. The recipes are involved for sure, but well worth the effort to prepare them.

Delicious food able to be created with a lot of time, but it is worth every minute. The meals turn out very very good.

Being a fan of Anthony Bourdain already I had no Reservation no pun intended in chosing this review....his celebrity style has always and classic cooking has been our favorite and it shows in this no comfort food cook-book ...if you are looking for bistro mout-watering tasting enjoyable food this is it..!

Love this book! AB's writing style is no nonsense and enjoyable. I've never been that interested in French cooking but this book has changed my mind. He does one episode of No Reservations that includes a recipe from this book - seeing the dish made makes it a lot less intimidating.

I suppose the offer should be to WIN the cookbook and THEN review it. How am I supposed to review something I don't own? And, on the flipside to that, why would I want to win something I already own?

For anyone who's a fan of Anthony Bourdain's show No Reservations, you'll love this cookbook. Bourdain was the chef at Les Halles, a bistro in New York, before he became a globe-trotting TV celebrity and author. Les Halles is known for simple, classic french food - nothing fancy, just bistro classics. There's a reason that there are french bistros in every major city in the world - it's comfort food at its best. Roasts, salads, steaks, and great fries. Les Halles has the best fries in NYC, and the fry recipe in this cookbook is three pages long, even though the only ingredient is potatoes (it's all about the oil temperature).