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  • sharonarb By  sharonarb    

    i use this on my dog and have been for quite a while. Right now I just do maintenance, 1-2x a week. I think it works great! For the woman that said her dog will not touch it. Here are some ideas. Mix it with a tablespoon or two of plain yogurt or take a slice of turkey breast and spread the Angel Eyes on it and then roll it up. You can also mix it in with peanut butter.

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  • squirrly By  squirrly    

    I tried this on my Shih Tzu and no matter how I hide it she will not touch the food it is on. I just try to keep her eyes clean with a damp washcloth.

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  • Mijeka By  Mijeka    

    Worked wonderfully! did everything promised, but unfortunately, whenever we stopped using it, our dog got continous infections (still does) :( coincedence? -probably, but that was the ONLY change in our routine/etc :(

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  • ldelia By  ldelia    

    This works great! My havanese had weird red/pink tear stains and after one week his eyes were clear and stain free!

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  • julia9874 By  julia9874    
    09.17.09 do you understand this product is an antibiotic? I would never use medication for a cosmetic problem. There are a lot of topical cleaners - heck a nice damp cloth works wonders if you use it often enough.

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  • cavgirl By  cavgirl    

    Although I have never personally used this product, I have never heard a bad word about it. I belong to a couple of online rescue groups and have heard many positive comments about Angel's Eyes.

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  • crazy4dreamin By  crazy4dreamin    

    One of my Shih Tzus has bad stains around her eyes and her mouth. She's a black and white dog with a brown-stained face! I tried Angel Eyes but had a very difficult time getting her to eat her food when I added it. I eventually got through one bottle but never saw any improvement at all in the staining. I wish they made this in capsule form so I could give it a longer trial and have confidence I was getting a full dose into her.

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