Andy Andrews The Heart Mender

Andy Andrews The Heart Mender

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The Heart Mender is an amazing book! It brings us into the lives of these amazing people both from today, and the 1940's. While we learn about these amazing people, we also learn about their challenges in their lives, and how to forgive those that even at the time don't deserve it. I would recommend this book to anyone. Reading about the lives of these people is truly inspiring. To know that these people can forgive after all that has gone wrong in their lives, is amazing. The book is full of excitement. It has all that you could look for in a book: love, a little bit of mystery, and excitement. This book is incredible book! It gave me cold chills at times, and at others I wanted to cry, both happy, and sad tears. This is the best book that I have read in years, if not the best period!