And The Oscar Goes To...

   By drodriguez  Feb 18, 2009

If you plan on watching the Oscars in a few days why not invite a few friends over and host a small viewing party?  The best thing about hosting a party like this is it is fun without being extravagant or expensive.  Plus you can rely on the TV for entertaining guests. has loads of Oscar theme party ideas that are simple and economical.  One fun idea regarding guests’ attire is to have them dress in their most Oscar-worthy (or most over-the-top) outfits.  This way, when you are all dishing about what the celebrities have chosen to wear you can critique each other’s get-up as well.  This is sure to add laughter to the evening.  If you have any feather boas or funny sunglasses lying around, you may want to add them as party favors.

We all know the Oscars can be long and tedious with categories we have never even heard of.  To keep your guests glued to the screen Evite suggests getting everyone in on an Oscar pool.  You can give each guest a ballot and ask that they pick winners.  To prevent a tie you can have your guests estimate how long (to the minute) the Oscar telecast will be.

Since the Oscars do not go on until after dinner you will really only need to put out snacks for your guests.  A cute idea that would fit with the Oscar theme would be to serve popcorn and movie theater snacks like Junior Mints, Juju Fruits, and SnoCaps.  And remember to keep your guests comfortable with extra pillows and blankets throughout the three-hour plus broadcast. 

For a complete list of Evite’s Oscar party ideas you can visit:

What do you think of the tips listed above for throwing an Oscar viewing party?

Can you share any ideas of your own for a party like this?


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momof29602 by momof29602 | Smithtown, NY
Mar 06, 2009

I have done this in the past & some of us squeezed into old bridesmaid dresses. What fun!

Amazing_Amanda by Amazing_Amanda | Aurora, IL
Feb 25, 2009

I've always wanted to have an Oscars party, but we're more of a 'Superbowl' type family, you know? But having the guests dress up is a great idea! I love it!

lynnkendo by lynnkendo | Ventura, CA
Feb 24, 2009

How fun-wish I knew someone to invite me to one of these-----LOL-----

starsoccer_girl13 by starsoccer_girl13 | Saint Petersburg, FL
Feb 22, 2009

I'm throwing an Oscar viewing party through a website, and we have all kinds of games and goodies lined up. We'll have about 6 guests coming and it'll be tons of fun.

SwtGrl1231 by SwtGrl1231 | Everett, WA
Feb 20, 2009

We have people bring appetizers and desserts inspired by the nominees--actors, actresses, movies, music, etc. This will be our 6th annual Oscar party. It's always tons of fun.