Amy's Salsa

Amy's Salsa

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I can not get enough of this salsa!!!! First of all I basically hate tomatoes, so salsa isn't one of my number one foods, but holy hapadatary batman!! This salsa is incredible!! every thing is so delicious, and it's all organic!! Yes, I know some people think that the whole organic thing is dumb, but you can shut your face because one day preservatives will turn on you!!! But this salsa is way way awesome, go find some and eat it.

Love Amy's brand!! Her salsa is wonderful on chips, vegetables, or wrapped in lettuce like a burrito. Keep up the good work with a fair trade company!

I love this salsa because it has a great flavor and is all natural. It contains all organic and natural ingredients and tastes so good! This is perfect to serve at parties and goes great with chips, and works perfect as a salad topping. A low fat indulgence that tastes so good with lots of flavor!