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  • Peaches34 By  Peaches34    

    These shoes are so comfortable and I love them, they make my feet feel great and not hurt for awhile as I stand

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  • MariaBB By  MariaBB    

    great but overpriced. I think I could get better elsewhere.

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  • mommiesbabysunshine By  mommiesbabysunshine    

    How cute!! They look so comfy! I had a pair from Sears but they broke. Need to get a new pair!

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  • Tami501 By  Tami501    

    These look very comfortable and trendy. I would definitely wear these moccasins.

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  • Tigerlilys71 By  Tigerlilys71    

    They look pretty comfy, I would recommend them for some of my family members

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  • sguillen50 By  sguillen50    

    These are my go to pair of shoes that I just LOVE. They are comfy and go well with a lot of stuff in my wardrobe.

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