America's Test Kitchen The America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook

America's Test Kitchen The America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook

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My way to unwind after a difficult day or just to de-stress, is to cook and bake. This book gives me so many recipes that always turn out exactly as I hope they will because they've been test and re-tested until the desired result is found. I'm never disappointed. I appreciate the work that has gone into this and other ATK cookbooks because I know it is all in the best interest of the cook and the people who will ultimately consume the finished product(s). I cannot stress how wonderfully put together this book is, how well-thought everything is. It really is a staple in my cookbook library and know that I reach for it time and again because of that.

Another great success by America's Test Kitchen. Every recipe has been made and remade and all ingredients have been proven to be ideal for each recipe. Alternatives are offered, and final products turn out flawlessly everytime. Each step is meticulously described so even a kitchen-illiterate cook can figure out a recipe.

I love the America's Test Kitchen Show. Everything they make is tried, tested, and perfected. But lets be honest, if you made and eat the foods that they make on the show; you wouldn't exactly be the healthiest person (I know I wouldn't be). Now enter the America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family cookbook...... This gem has tried, tested, and perfected recipes just like you'd expect from ATK. Except for one caveat; every recipe strives to use healthy ingredients and reduce calories, fat, sodium, etc. The Healthy Family Cookbook has tips, tricks, and detailed technique instructions. Each recipe contains nutritional information, so it is perfect for those who are following diets. The book is organized very well in a binder like format with tabs. It includes product and brand comparisons and is loaded with a good amount of pictures and diagrams. Plus, knowing that each and every recipe has been tried and perfected by a team of food testers, means that everything will taste and look great.