Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

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AMEDA I used this product when I had my 4 month old daughter in the hospital. They allowed me access to this pump and I have to say it is very good quality. The breast pump I have personally is Medela pump in style and I'd say they are very comparable. The suction is great, very user friendly, and easy to clean. I gave it 4 stars because I'd still pick my Medela over this one but it is a great runner up

Does the job! I received this pump for free through my health insurance. I have no complaints using it because it's fairly straight-forward and the individual pieces fit securely. I never had any suction issues, but I only used it while I was at work and only for exactly one year. My favorite part of pump is that your milk drips directly into bottles instead of going through the tubes, which seemed more hygienic and also meant there was less to wash. I only gave it four stars because I had to buy FOUR spare parts kits -- I broke one tubing adapter when I dropped my pump and I went through seven pairs of valves because they tear so easily when you wash them.

I received this breast pump for free through my health insurance. It was very helpful and made pumping milk a very fast process. The only negative was cleaning all the tiny Little bits and pieces.

Amada breast pump I got this breast pump through my insurance. I really liked it and work very well it have different settings for the suction and speed. I've been using it for 3 months everyday and get about 12oz in one sitting so that can tell you it does its job. I would recommend this to any breastfeeding mother.

Although I had a choice from my insurance between Medela and Ameda, I decided not to go for Medela. And i don't regret my decision. What I love about this pump is that it has performed fairly well for the last 7 months without trouble. I pump regularly and it is of great help. Yes, the suction is not as strong if both the pumps are running simultaneosly but I do it one breast at a time and it works for me. It is complete with all the accessories you will need for pumping.

My insurance company provided this pump for free, and it seemed to work well in the beginning. However after about 3 weeks the suction started steadily decreasing. After using it for only 6 weeks I had to purchase another, better pump.

I received this pump through my insurance. I used it for about 2 months. It worked very well and was fairly comfortable.

I bought this breast pump in 2012 after doing endless searches on the internet for a cost effective pump. I loved this one much better than I did the really expensive one I bought with my first child in 2009. This pump was so easy to use. I never had any issues with discomfort. It is not very big so I was able to put it in the bag it came with and stick it in my diaper bag when I was on the go. I would highly recommend this to anyone. It is affordable and works wonderfully.

its very effective and not very expensive. Actually a nurse in the hospital recomended this as i have inverted nipples. It worked pretty well.

I received this through my insurance. I chose it over the Medela due to being a closed system. I have been very happy with it and pump daily at work.

Got this breast pump through my insurance. I'm very pleased with this pump. It's the first pump I used and I don't plan on trying any other one. It is a double pump but you can change it to a single pump.

reasonable price

I am a college student, will be going into nursing school during fall, and have only one child (a two month old). This is a double pump that includes levels for suction strength and speed. Personally I didnt use it much just because it only relieved my breast from engorgement, and would not pump out as much as my Manual pump from Lansinoh would. Other than that, on regular pumping sessions I would only pump less than an ounce. This product does its job though maybe not as efficient as I would like it to. Used it maybe twice a day at most and during the first month pieces broke down (even though i fallowed carefully all instructions from the manual).

I bought this breast pump five years ago when I went back to work. I must say it is a great pump and expresses the milk quite well. It is still working great and have been able to use it again. I would recommend this product to mothers who want to breast feed exclusively...I did.

i have inverted nipples, and this makes it difficult to breastfeed. having a breast pump that's gentle, but effective was hard for me. i tried countless brands and styles, and i finally tried this one and loved it!! there were so many accessories available. there were so many settings, it was easy to find one that worked best for me. and the fact that ANY bottle fit, not just the ones that Ameda sold was just amazing! i was able to use either a really cheap bottle from the local drug store if i forgot ours on the counter when we left home, or a really nice glass bottle that my mother insisted was better for the baby. ha ha! it was very nice to find something that wasn't too expensive, but was also so very versatile. i have recommended this to all of my friends!