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Amazing I Love Amazon. I live in a small rural area and ordering things from Amazon is alot easier then driving an hour to local shops. They also have great customer service

By Fibi I love amazon their customer service is awesome I'm also a Vina amazon program super cool love their work and their staff

Nothing but love for Amazon Amazon is my go to when I want to buy anything because in the very small town I live in we don't have a variety of pretty much anything but also Amazon is always killing it with the prices I love you Amazon !! Lol

One stop shop Amazon is such a life saver, so often. First off, delivery is always so quick. Sometimes it is same day, often times, next day, worst case, two days. I can find almost anything. The down sides are that I don't love that they monopolize everything, and also it can sometimes be pricier than other places. I do love a one stop shop though, and Amazon is it.

There are always Amazon packages at our house I think the Amazon truck comes to our house at least 3 times per week! It's so easy, they always have anything we need, the prices are great, and the fact that you can return items so easily is a plus!

Great place to shop I love Amazon! I buy from them in several different categories. I get free shipping even without renewing my Prime membership. It got too expensive for us this year. I can get certain items that qualify, which is a lot, and if over $25 it ships free. Not 2 days but not weeks either. I buy vitamins/supplements, household items, business products, car parts, pet products, clothing, some food products, etc, etc. They have it all! Great customer service as well!

Convenient, Affordable, Fast I absolutely love I can find anything that I can't find in stores, the price is usually very reasonable and no matter what my order amount is, the product I buy comes relatively fast. The incentive of a purchase of $25.00 or more and free shipping is hard to resist. It is a very nice thing to have these days when time seems to go way to fast!

Convenient and Perfectly Tailored for Students! I love Amazon! As a college student, Amazon's shipping times fit within my schedule more often than not and the different pickup/shipping options make this platform my number 1 choice for all of my shipping desires. Living in university housing gets complicated when I have to deal with address frequent address changes but Amazon's shipping options make it much more easier for me to order things from different states without worrying about them getting lost. In the rare case that my items are unable to be delivered, they typically get refunded within 3 days, which is pretty amazing in my opinion. Amazon's prime student discounts and deals also work in my favor because I can take advantage of being enrolled in college and having free shipping and access to tons of services offered without having to deal with big bills and expenditures.

Would be so much better with a new interface! I love shopping on Amazon! There are so many different products, so many unique sellers, and Amazon prime makes it easy to find the highest quality products with free shipping. However, I know they make plenty enough money to make a better app, and they should! Their website works fine for the most part, but the mobile app can be difficult or confusing to use, and I've experienced a lot of bugs and glitches! They also make dealing with your account information a bit of a hassle, especially if you are part of a family plan. As a family member with three kids in the house who are listed under the account, it would be cool if you could choose different payment options (the kids each have their own debit cards now) and if you could choose a name to put on the shipping address so that they didn't all come under the adults name so that we knew who's was who's before opening them! Again Amazon is an amazing place to shop, but they just need to work on their interface and accessibility to certain features.

Amazon Absolutely love shopping on Amazon. It is amazing that you can even buy a 10 foot fishing pole and get it delivered. With gas as high as it is, I find myself using Amazon more than ever!

Love Amazon. They have everything I can think of. And delivered right to my door. With the price of gas lately, it just makes sense not to have to drive to a lot of different stores for my items.

I love shopping on Amazon Amazon has great prices as well as a huge variety of products. I would recommend getting a prime account if you are going to purchase items frequently so you can save on shipping. The Amazon tv channel is pretty good too.

Tons of products, tons of ads Amazon is extremely convenient; you can order just about anything on amazon. However, there isn't a good way to narrow down relevant searches by price. Even if you select a category, you'll be swamped with semi-relevant products that are cheaper, stopping you from seeing what you actually want to purchase. I created my baby registry on Amazon and while it has wonderful features like group gifting, it also has tons of irrelevant baby ads. All-in-all its wonderful if you like to scroll through hundreds of semi-relevant products.

Amazon Addicted I used to occasionally order off of Amazon during the holidays, but in the more recent years I've become addicted! 97% of the time, the prices can't be beat on Amazon, and the products make it to my door in sometimes hours. We have several Amazon warehouses in my area, so it's really exciting getting our packages so quickly!

Selective Products i have been shopping on Amazon for a long time. I have really good results from this company. i totally love you can shop in your PJs and no need to fight the crowds in physical stores. I totally reccommend checking it out and trying out.