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Best shopping site, hands down! Who doesn't love Amazon? I love having Amazon prime, free returns and free 2 day shipping. Sometimes I get things the same day. I can almost find everything I need for my everyday means and get it shipped right to my door. The convenience is the best part of this website.

Top notch! Amazon has great return policy and excellent fast delivery of products. They also have helpful reviews, competitive prices, and a large variety of items to choose from.

AWESOME Amazon has been excellent at shipping things in a timely manner and at having a massive array of things to choose from. The only drawback is that when items are late, you have to reach out to them to get any compensation. Otherwise, this is incredible!

Easy! I love the ease of ordering and receiving all the various products in a timely manner.

Addicted to Amazon Amazon has been a staple in my life for YEARS. They have so many awesome products and their customer service is top notch.

Great Products Great place to find all types of products. They deliver quickly and you can find pretty much anything

Very obsessed with Amazon! Amazon where I do most my shopping! I'm also a member of the amazon influencer program and have thousands of demo videos and reviews on my storefront:

Nice and Easy Amazon is a great place to shop online it has just about everything for everyone. It is super user friendly, good prices, and supper fast delivery. I have always had a great experience with Amazon.

Amazon is life! I can find almost anything I'm looking for and know it will arrive super-fast. I love browsing and finding things I didn't even know existed!! The prices are unbeatable and returns are super easy.

Amazon has everything I need almost every time! What??? Who doesn?t love Amazon! They literally have everything I need at my finger tips and normally it will be available in less than 2 days! How convenient!

Great! I have been an Amazon member since I can remember. Started out just buying book, super cheap, then onto bigger and better. My influencer journey actually started there, doing reviews for the things I bought, I started doing reviews for other things, and now I'm an Amazon Vine Voice! Amazon has expanded my influencer journey and made my life so much easier!

Mega Shopping Options With Great Delivery Options I enjoy using Amazon. I can find almost anything I want, and I thoroughly appreciate the ability to try on clothes before buying them (I absolutely HATE going clothes shopping). Thankfully, I can also opt to have my deliveries sent to lockers and/or alternate drop off locations, which is imperative for the safety of my deliveries, since my neighborhood isn't very secure.

only had 1 bad experience with a driver who leaned a heavy pkg. against my storm door. the door was blocked shut and I couldn't open it ! but over all I have had good deliveries

Me encanta Las tarjetas de amazon nuncqa estan demas al momento de comprar los productos

Love / Hate Relationship. I have a love/hate relationship with Amazon. I love the ease or ordering from Amazon, and used to love the fast shipping but now the shipping actually takes longer than ordering from the actual "real" sellers website. Not sure what's up with that. I also used to love how being an Amazon affiliate was easy and the commissions were good, until the pandemic when they lowered commissions. Now, I make pennies and work very hard to make those pennies. Returns are easy and basically they take anything and everything back, no questions asked. The products for the most part are good, unless it's stuff from overseas sellers, then I try to just find USA made stuff. So, all in all, love/hate relationship.