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  • Loepsie By  Loepsie    

    Alexa is for Everyone!

    I totally agree! I love my Alexa! It's so worth it!

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  • schnoodledo By  schnoodledo    

    Consider Amazon Gifts

    I bought my first show last year during the fall holiday season. I bought it primarly to tie it into my Nest camera products (front doorbell and security cameras). However the product is MUCH more useful than just that. With "skills" you can integrate Alexa into all sorts of things from recipes to controlling your TV and lights. I recently broke my ankle and am using a knee scooter in the house - it's so wonderful to call "Alexa turn bed lamp on" or "Alexa turn floor lamp off" and to see who's at the front door (is it worth getting up to answer it). You can even configur Alexa to make 911 calls - which can come in handy when you break your ankle. I would recommend any of the Amazon Alexa products for gifts

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