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  • Lupita_magallon By  Lupita_magallon    

    Awsome movie

    I loved this movie I recently just rewatch it and fell in loved with it all over again I like these kinds of romance movies so I just loved it!

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  • LeanettaScott By  LeanettaScott    

    Beautiful Love Story

    This one of my favorite New Age love stories. I love how she found the courage to go out and find her long lost the love. Even with her complaining Grandson in tow. This is one for the ages, and I love how it centers around an older couple. Which to me translates into it's never too late to find your one true love.

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  • alyssasue86 By  alyssasue86    

    Cute Movie

    This movie is adorable and you can't help but love the characters!

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  • wiedners By  wiedners    

    I liked this cute movie!!! It was funny, sad and feel good movie.

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  • shortsweetmom By  shortsweetmom    

    Lovely movie

    This movie is adorable. It is clean and safe for the entire family. A beatiful and inspiring story.

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  • yoyomoma By  yoyomoma    

    True love

    I absolutely love this movie. It shows how to fight for true love whether youre 26 or 65

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  • hachi1 By  hachi1    

    Love this Love Story

    Beautiful plotline and story. Every girl's dream movie, every guys educational training video :-) Absolutely love it!

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  • natbag By  natbag    

    Girls Only

    Great movie for a chick flick night - My husband would never watch it, because it is very predictable.

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  • jessicady1 By  jessicady1    

    This is a great rom com . I love the chemistry of the characters in this movie and the plot . It is a refreshing twist on the classic romeo and juilet .

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  • Jess0818 By  Jess0818    

    I really enjoyed this movie. A true picture of love and happiness. A true picture of never giving up on true love

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  • tiffanydanielle1989 By  tiffanydanielle1989    

    Great movie! amanda seyfried for sure was the best person they could have casted for the lead role! Her boyfriend in the beginning is so rude but it was quite entertaining watching him be mean in a wierd way

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  • Michelle1215 By  Michelle1215    

    This story was beautiful. i mean it almost had me in tears. Is so nice to really see a story where they take chances just to be happy. I loved this movie and it also had great acting.

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  • cprechtl By  cprechtl    

    Really loved this movie, very heart felt about long lost loves and the adventure of new ones.

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  • katieshuck By  katieshuck    

    If you like semi-cheesy romance movies, then this is a great movie for you. It was very easy to predict the outcome of the movie but, then again, that's what I want when I just need a girls' night movie. I don't want the romance formula changed. I love Amanda Seyfried's character and how she gets involved in the letters to Juliet.

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  • edenben17 By  edenben17    

    such a cute movie but an ending that will make ur heart break :') . loved it and amanda seyfried !

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