Always Radiant Incredibly Thin Liners

Always Radiant Incredibly Thin Liners

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Feels like nothings there. These are great for when your period is light. Very small, yet very absorbent. Can't even tell you are wearing it throughout the day. They are also great when your flow is heavy and used as extra protection with a tampon. These saved me a few times.

always never fails super absorbant and very very soft, you dont even know youre wearing it.

Favorite liners I love these liners. They are light weight and you dont even know you are wearing them. I never leave home without them

This product absorbs great! I felt comfortable all day.

The pads were OK, but I didn't feel they absorbed as well as I needed. They might do well for someone else, though.

I love this liner. They start in place and are just the right thickness for a liner.

Always Panty Liners are so thin yet so absorbent you hardly know your wearing them. They are extremely comfortable with little or no movement at all, which is very important to me as I work with the public so I have to be dry and comfortable. I recommend Always Panty Liners to everyone who has a period.

These are great for those light days. They are easy to carry and make it discreet when it is that time of the month. It give just the right amount of coverage and I have found that they do not slip as you walk or run. Buying these have saved me money in the long run of having to replace undergarments.

I use then quite often and have had no problem. I would recommend them.

I love the ultra thin panty liner. I wear them almost daily and I don't even notice them. They are perfect. I hate the bulky liners and pads. Thin is in, especially in a panty liner! I recommend them to anyone!

easily my favorite panty liners. i love that you can turn down the sides if youre wearing a thong. they are very thin so i wouldnt use in place of a tampon or pad. i use them as security if im worried about leakage or if i just want my underwear to stay fresh

These are the best liners out there. They fit any panty. The only way you could make them better would be to individually wrap them.

I just love the Always Radiant Incredibly Thin Liners! Talk about a great liner and so comfortable! They make me feel like there is nothing there, truly radiant! Fit great in my purse for when I am on the go, and priced great! I would highly recommend these great liners to anyone!

You can wear these pantiliners with anything! Thongs are still an option! The only problem is that they can be overly sticky when applying, so you have to be careful. But, even with their thinness, they are fairly absorbent.

I wish that they came individually wrapped so I could throw some in my bag before leaving the house.