Always Infinity Pad

Always Infinity Pad

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No complaints here, does the job and that is all anyone ever asks

Great product I love the always pads. They do not only feel comfortable but also make sure that you don't leak out. In addition, they smell amazing.

quality This is a great product that does the trick, I use it with tampons and other pads

No Leaks I love the absorbency. It doesnt leak. I don't have to worry about it leaking when I stand up after sitting for s period of time.

Good, but not great. I've been using Always products since I began menstruating about 13 years ago. I love the Always Infinity Pads, I usually buy the bulk packs at BJ's Wholesale stores and they last me such a long time. They are really effective, no leaks, and are really absorbent. The only reason I gave it a 4/5 stars is that sometimes the adhesive will pull away from the underwear very easily. This can cause the pad to shift or bunch up to one side in the back area.

I love these pads! The pads are extremely soft, and so light that I barely feel like I'm wearing something. It's very absorbent, and I like that it pulls down liquid from the surface down into the core, so that you don't get a wet feeling while wearing it. It also makes it look better when you have to change your pad so you don't see as much blood on the surface. I'd definitely recommend this, and I like that the Radiant variety has a pleasant scent as well!

No leaks Works great stay in place I just love the thinness of these. They are very comfortable feels like they aren't even there. Also no leakage I'd the best part your confidence has a major boost.

Pads I will use to Ininity !!! I have used different brands of pads, but these Infinity Pads are the ones that I am faithful too. I have never experienced a leakage, an issue where I felt like there was an odor, and they are not bulky. I do not use any other ones and I introduced my daughter to these pads and she loves using them as well. No accidents are the best!!!

Love it I live this product I like to use it combined with a pad during volleyball. Or when I don?t want to wear tampons. Its easy to use and leak proof!

The first time I used these pads, I laughed. They have holes in them and I thought for sure I would just leak through. These are the most comfortable and absorbent pads I have ever worn. They don't stick to me, they don't shift, and are super thin and lightweight.

My Go To I've been using Always pads for years and I don't plan on switching brands or anything. These pads keep me leak free throughout the day and I don't have to worry about spotting or a nasty smell. I highly recommend these pads if you haven't tried them before!

Love them Love this! This is my alltime favorite pad right next to the ultra thin version! I would recommend this product.

Always Infinity Pad Review I just bought the always infinity pads and I?m totally in love with them. They feel so incredibly comfortable and it doesn?t feel like I even have a pad on.

This is the only pad I am confotabke using on my period. The other pads are too bulky and feel like I'm wearing a diaper. But this pad feels like I am wearing almost nothing. I don't have to worry about leaking because this absorbs eveyting

Love these my favorite These are my absolute favorite love the size and everything about them