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  • Bibischli By  Bibischli    

    Stays in place

    Love these. Cannot feel them and feel much frehser using them.. good grip.

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  • klassic By  klassic    

    I'm Happy to Have These

    These are wonderful. Provides the given protection I deserve. We all deserve to have great protection. These make me feel dry as it locks in moisture. On my light days I am happy I have these.

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  • davisjodie By  davisjodie    

    Thin and Comfortable

    thin and comfortable; stays in place; a trusted brand

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  • fmd518 By  fmd518    

    Great Product

    Always Flexi-Style Thin Pantiliner works great. It is perfect size.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Always Flexi-Style Thin Pantiliners are great for everyday use. I've always used Always for my periods, and would use the liners for the days leading up to starting so there would be no accidents.

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  • jenniferklochdavis By  jenniferklochdavis    


    Comfortable and keeps me dry. Love that they don?t take up a lot of room as well, thin & compact

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  • Neesecolumbus By  Neesecolumbus    

    Perfect liner for light days I like to wear them as protection when u have in a tampon

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  • Vickyj85 By  Vickyj85    

    This is a high end and quality product at a reasonable price. The packaging is cute too. I would recommend and I will continue to buy. You can't argue with the results you can achieve, classic brand that's well trusted

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  • Mhanna416 By  Mhanna416    


    The best panty liner I have ever used!! Does not feel like you are wearing anything and it absorbs everything!!!

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  • elva50 By  elva50    

    These are perfect thickness to be comfortable and cheap.

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  • sabrinak89 By  sabrinak89    

    I like the brand always and these pads are thin and comfortable!

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  • batgirl1086 By  batgirl1086    

    love this product its thin and comfortable!!! Stayed in place unlike some other brands.

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  • irinam85 By  irinam85    

    These are so thin I can barely feel them! Love it! It is perfect for keeping fresh and dry!

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  • kboroday By  kboroday    

    My favorite liner. Super comfortable, and I can barely feel its on.

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  • TaffetaKate By  TaffetaKate    

    These are great. They are easy to throw in my purse or gym bag. They're so thin that I find myself surprised at their absorbency every time.

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