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  • JoBevara By  JoBevara    

    I have used these, and they are true to what they claim. I have never had a leakage.

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  • Connie1963 By  Connie1963    


    Always is the best to me.I like they have with or without wings and they do their job well

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  • vramos99 By  vramos99    


    these are amazing! Great absorption and no leaks at all! Great for overnight

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  • Vickyj85 By  Vickyj85    

    Highly recommend

    Whether I'm in the uk or America this is my go too brand! It never fails me, it doesn't mater what kind/design I get as long as it is this brand. It gives me that full assurance of no leakage which you can get with cheaper brands. Totally recommend

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  • marshagail By  marshagail    

    Always are good to use they r comfortable n they work good

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  • jchilders329 By  jchilders329    

    Fantastic product!!!

    This is a terrific product!!! I've used always products a lot and they are very absorbent and they aren't bulky looking in your clothes like most pads are. They do exactly what they say they will.

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  • Jazzyfrog By  Jazzyfrog    

    I have been using the always discreet for a little over a year they are so comfortable they give me the confidence i needed to not worry about the sudden coughing fits or the sneezes i would and have recomended

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  • Heather8795 By  Heather8795    


    Work great and are comfortable to use and they are a good price.

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  • Mechany144 By  Mechany144    


    These are a perfect product. Work just as they should. Plus they feel great. Protect from a problem we all know.

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  • MsNVet By  MsNVet    

    New and wonderful

    Long is best coverage front and back especially when commuting. It helps during sleeping at night this past week I have had bronchitis and the coughing fits caused bladder splatters. Thin comfy discreet will buy as long as I need and share as well.

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  • lfreemanlpn By  lfreemanlpn    

    Good Product

    No leakage noted, stayed dry, would recommend, kept odor down, comfortable feel

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  • Babyface10 By  Babyface10    

    Love these

    I love these because they are long. If I don't have the long ones then blood ends up on my underwear and bottoms.

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  • laurie32712 By  laurie32712    

    Comfortable and affordable and you don't feel like you are wearing protection.

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  • corinnab By  corinnab     SheSpeaks Tester

    Effective and size ensures a bladder leaks stay put

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  • chef223 By  chef223    

    I was not a fan of the strong perfume smell. It was overwhelming to the point that I did nit use the sample. I passed them along to a friend.

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