Alouette Baby Brie Cheese

Alouette Baby Brie Cheese

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a good brie Allouete has been making cheese for years. This brie is rich and creamy.

Liked the smaller size I like serving a pretty charcuterie board when I entertain and a big wheel of brie is just too much. I was very happy with the smaller sized Alouette Baby Brie Cheese. Tasted creamy and my guests liked it as well. It's sometimng I will continue to purchase.

freesamplewithout spending shipping cost freesample without spending shipping cost of food low in fat

Awesome products. Anything by them, is awesome. Have eaten their cheeses, for years.

This cheese is the best. There is no rind and it is easy to spread or just eat it with a spoon.

Creamy without being too soft. This brie has a nice tame rind and thick center. It will still melt in a puff pastry wrap but will nicely hold its shape on a cheese tray. I like it very much and use it often.

Very tasty Brie! Not too pricey as well. Goes great with crackers, fruit, and wine.

One of my favorite bries. Soft, creamy and lite. Perfect with fresh fruit or heated with your favorite jam. I also stuff French toast with cinn and rasins.

The love the taste of the brie when cut out the of french bread and add this with chives and sour cream . Than put in the oven warm and serve as a dip with chips.

Cheese is great...But way to expensive. Product sells would triple if you lowered the price. Great for diets snacks kids...but not affordable for most families. They look but see the price and keep walking

Delicious! Brie cheese has become one of my favorite cheeses!Huge fan of cheese myself and this is delicious! I have tried other with a very "sour" taste and this one does not have much of that taste. It is creamy and great along with crackers.

Great on crackers by itself, or warm and mix with pepperoni and chopped green onions, makes a great spread!

Goid Price Tastes so good. Easy and convienent and the price is good compared to alot of other selections.

YUMMMM My favorite cheese, hands down. I love this cheese. It pairs well with crackers and makes an amazing grilled cheese sandwich.

Great cheese! Love this Brie. It's so good. This brand in particular has really good cheese spreads. Yummy!