Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara

Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara

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I used on the highest setting I didn't get any clumps, but it wasn't my favorite mascara, I think they could do a little better

I like that you can decide ho much to apply but it didn't seem to work.

It worked fine, but didn't really have different settings like it claimed. Also left my lashes sorta fake looking and dripped when I would sweat.

loved it ? wish it wasn't discontinued

I like this product I got it at a grocery store and it was like 2 bucks so why not! I love this it makes lashes look fuller and longer I love it

Very think and wet consistency. i recommend using it on the 1 setting for consumers with sparse lashes and applying only one coat, otherwise I find that you need to brush it out using a clean spooly (mascara wand) to avoid or brush out the clumps. Mascara runs in humidity or sweat. Overall it is a high maintenance mascara.

I use it on the highest setting and its really not bad. No clumps! I always recommend and people are suprised

i like it but havent used it enough to really tell

BAD just bad, i bought this, was excited to try it, opened the packaging, unscrewed the lid. pulled it off... and NO WAND. the wand broke off and got stuck in the tube and theres no way to get it out.... waste of money.

Im surprised by this mascara, I do usually have a love for almay mascara. This one- no matter what the dial is on you get the same amount of product, very runny.not good. If you want almay mascara- stick with get up and grow, or triple nourishing., much better.

I did not like this mascara at all Clumpy and runs.

i do like this mascara makes my lashes look natural and not like they have clumps of mascara on my lashes...

The "DIAL" dosent work very well. Seems like the same amount comes off/out no matter where you turn it. Smudges awfull, and flakes when dry. NOT a good choice.

Not the worse out there but not the best either.. think the dial is not functional. i noticed it darkens my lashes but gives me no legnth and no volume. its atleast not messy. maybe w a different brush it would be an ok mascara, would i recommend it. only if u dont want length or volume!

I just saw this in a magazine the other day, and I was psyched that I actually owned it. Unfortunatley, I don't like it at all. I think it goes on clumpy and doesn't do anything for my eyelashes. The "spin" application is also just for looks, I think. I don't notice a difference.