Almay Get Up & Grow Mascara

Almay Get Up & Grow Mascara

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I love how easy it is to put on! It's just as easy to take off, Another huge plus. Can wear this all day.

I love Almay mascaras. I'm really sensitive to mascara and I've tried A LOT of mascaras and usually after 30 minutes to an hour, I had to take it off because my eyes started to water, itch and sting. Yet, with Almay Get Up & Grow, I don't have any of that, my lashes look full, long and healthy-looking, just how I like them, and I can wear it for hours. Plus, there's no clumping or flaking and the price is great!

Mascara that is gentle and easy to wash off, but wears all day and looks natural. A dream come true.

I was recomended this product by youtube beauty guru Emily Noel and i love it!! it thickens my lashes and lenghtens them too, and the price is very good, esp with Almays $4 off coupon its a steal, the white container is slick and modern looking!! will be buying again and again!!

I am so impressed with this mascara! I love how it takes just one coat to make my eyelashes look amazing! It perfect for contact lens wearers.

This mascara is wonderful. I cannot use many brands of mascara, as I have sensitive eyes, but this stuff is amazing. No irritation at all. I also have short eye lashes, but with this mascara you wouldn't be able to tell. Adds quite a bit of length and volume to my lashes. Doesn't get clumpy either. I couldn't live without this. If you haven't tried it, you definitely need to!

One of my favorites mascaras! The "get up and grow" claim is fully accomplished by its finish that leaves all my lashes arched, volumnized and lengthened. not too clumpy (it starts clumping up a little when I am on my 3rd coat), minimal flakyness. I own the black and brown, waterproof mascara.

It does amazing job coating my lashes and the texture is very smooth.

I have almost no lashes what so ever, they look very short. Almay Get up and Grow makes me look like I have false lashes on! It is very buildable and almost immediately makes your lashes look longer. I've found that after having the mascara for a few weeks it does work much better than it did brand new. I'm not sure if the formula was initially too watery and after a couple of weeks of usage it became the perfect consistency or what but now it is amazing and I use it every day!

This is my (and I hate this word) "Holy Grail" Mascara. I LOVE Tarte's LLL, but Almay's Get up and Grow blows tarte out of the water for a much lesser price. I can use this mascara from start to finish without any change in consistency. It gives me the look of fuller, longer lashes. It doesn't smudge or flake. I don't have to reapply as it looks good all day with one application. The only thing you might notice when you first start using it, is you might get itchy lashes, because they are falling out (not all at once) and growing new lashes - this happens naturally, but the mascara seems to speed that up in the first week or so of use. Never did my lashes look thinned out, and they only looked better as I used the product. I am currently using up some samples and almost want to just toss them out so I can go back to this one!

I have short lashes that need a lot of help and this mascara is wonderful! It adds both length and volume. It's one of my favorites, and I have tried many (both high-end and drugstore).

no flaking, no clumping, great for a contack lens wearer

terrific mascara, big brush coats every lash for perfection, not too wet, or dry, gives your lashes thickness and length without being clumpy.