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Not a bad magazine. They could use some more REAL LIFE STUFF articles and a little less Kardashian.

I love Allure!! They have the best beauty and fashion tips.

The magazine looks so thick and you get excited to see what's inside, only to find it's half full of ads. What a waste of paper! Way too many ads now, I don't subscribe anymore. There is some good fashion trends inside but just too many ads to sort through.

If you want to keep up with today's fashion and some gossip this is the magazine to get. I do not subscribe because I do not care for the gossip, but the beautiful clothes and beautiful people in it keeps me looking at it on occasion.

used to a year subscription for $ big commercial

Great fashion magazine. I get these for free, so I look through them when I have time. This magazine is fun to read through. :)

Makes a good read when there's nothing else.

there annual best products in the mag are my fav i get so ecited when i see this mag for sure

I like this magazine but I dont ever purchase anything that appears in the magazine cause its too expensive.....guess people dont like saving money, anyways I only like to get this when I can, its a pretty good magazine to look through when your bored or if you like the make-up(like I do). LOL!

I only buy this product when the annual "best product" issue comes out. The clothes and most products that are featured are way out of my possible price range. The magazine has way to many advertisements and not much content.

While I still look through this magazine monthly, it isn't as enjoyable as in the past. Advertising takes up more and more space each month.

Its the best beauty magazine hands down! I still have pages that i ripped out from issues as far as 5 years back!

I admit I am hooked on this magazine. Yeah, it's all about fashion and makeup and such, but often they have some really good articles about the dark side of this industry and what women will do to themselves to meet their idea of beauty. Their tear out tip cards are the best. I have even won a few times from the contests they run the first few days of each month, and I have gotten tons of samples.

Best beauty mag.....I love the annual "best product" issue.

The clothes are REALLY expensive and not available where I live but you can always dream.I do like the cosmetic reviews. Have been able to find good products.