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  • txstatekita By  txstatekita    

    This game is always different every time it is played. This game is full of laughs and will keep the family entertained for hours!

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  • murphnm By  murphnm    

    Love this game. Its different every time. I have owned this game for years. Always laugh when we play it.

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  • speakmichelle By  speakmichelle    

    This is one of our favorite games to play. It's fun in all kinds of groups and you get to learn things about each other, too! I HIGHLY recommend it.

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  • aMUSEme By  aMUSEme    

    I adore this game! My family is so funny and we learned a lot about eachother . . . like that my uncle would like to bathe in black cherry jello. :0) Good times.

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  • beetfarm By  beetfarm    

    Great game - we play this on girls' night and laugh so much!

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  • DaisysMomma By  DaisysMomma    

    This is a very fun game. A great way to get to know more about people. My husband and I have played it with other couples a few times.

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  • PennStateCutie By  PennStateCutie    

    This is a great game! We get together for monthly game nights with friends and this is ALWAYS on the agenda! We laugh so hard we cry & it only gets better with a drink or two! ;-)

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  • SwtGrl1231 By  SwtGrl1231    

    Great game! People always love it when we bring it. Definitely a must have.

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  • deelite By  deelite    

    I have this game and it is loads of laughs. It is especially good to bring out to game nights where maybe there are some new people. Great ice breaker.

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