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  • Alysha815 By  Alysha815    

    As I have gotten older, I have realized the need for quality cookware, finally some decent cookware I know will last!

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  • heyybrittany By  heyybrittany    

    They are a bit pricey, but well worth the cost!

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  • rellibell By  rellibell    

    I have always had crappy hand-me-down pots and pans. Old tin pots here and awful Teflon pans there, my cabinets are quite the nightmare. For my last birthday my parents, who love me dearly, bought me a set of All-Clad pots and pans. I've always said if I ever bought set pots and pans they'd have to have a solid lid, nothing with glass because I'm a clutz and break those constantly and lucky for me my parents heard me. You know they're good quality pots and pans from the weight of them and the fact that even though I've burned something in them nearly every single time, it comes right out with a good soak and a little scrub. It's a good idea to use some kind of oil or butter on the pans when cooking just so your food items don't stick to the pan because no it doesn't have Teflon or non-stick qualities, but I'm good with that because there's nothing to flake off into my food. All my old crappy pots and pans have been pushed to the back of the cabinets (not ready to let them go just yet cause you never know when you might need a spare) and I grab the All-Clad every time I start to cook....and I spend a LOT of time cooking :-)

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  • mamalueh By  mamalueh    

    My family chipped in for a set of All Clad pans for our wedding 10 years ago. They cook so evenly, and are oven and dishwasher safe. I use them every day, and the handles have not even begun to get loose. In my previous less expensive set, the rivets loosened up after only a couple of years! Yes, they are pricey, but a cheap set won't last as long or be as versatile-- you'll need to replace them more often, driving up the over-all cost.

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  • sbenning5 By  sbenning5    

    I love, love, love my All-Clad cookware. I have been using it almost daily for about 3 years, and it still looks brand new. Wouldn't ever use anything else.

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