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  • taletreader By  taletreader    

    I wanted to associate this piece with humor. In reality, I think I only ended up not feeling depressed or sorry for the narrator around three or four times. But hey, those one-liners were pretty funny... I liked that everything wasn't necessarily in chronological order, but when it came to relationships, this becomes confusing, and the author expects us to remember everyone she's ever dated (OK, maybe I'm overreacting here). Ali Berlinski's family history intrigued me the most, especially her father. I would have liked to hear more about their relationship instead of mostly her mother. The gem of this book was definitely the ending, but it felt forcefully added, like it was a piece all to itself. If I were to be perfectly honest, for most of this book I was just bored. The odd bit of humor would intrigue me enough every now and then to keep reading, revving me up just enough to get over the hill of disinterest before I would creep down again and--ooh! something mildly entertaining, and it would happen all over. I won't argue that Berlinski clearly has an interesting life. This book, however--not so much.


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