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  • pepsijamie By  pepsijamie    

    Good, but be careful

    I like this lip balm but keep it at home. If this balm gets too warm, in a pocket or purse, it gets clumpy.

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  • foreverandalwaysash By  foreverandalwaysash    

    I love how this product smells and makes my lips feel soo moist...but Alba is one of my favorite name brands all the way around from chap stick to lotions, to the facial scrubs. ! love it!

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  • lekhamary By  lekhamary    

    I love how this product smells. It also does a really good job of keeping my lips really moisturized.

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  • lexitokyo By  lexitokyo    

    This is one of my favorite lip balms. it smells nice and tastes good too!

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  • SunnyDaise By  SunnyDaise    

    So moisturizing, smells fantastic and fruity and TASTES delicious! Love it because its natural and works great, but I wish it was cheaper or Alba offered coupons...

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  • Sparkscity831 By  Sparkscity831    

    i love that this product is Organic and it helps our environment but it didn't help me:( the scent of mine was mango which didn't even smell like it!

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  • winagurl2372 By  winagurl2372    

    Love the product it works well and yes is 100 percent vegan. I however don't like the taste so much its is reminisant of vasaline...

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  • sadie2melw By  sadie2melw    

    This is a great product. I am a vegetarian and it is very hard to find products that aren't tested on animals, especially in Walmart. This product is made with over 80% organic ingredients, and like the rest of Alba's products, is 100% vegetarian. They are stongly committed to the environment, like me. So I can say that Alba IS me.

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