Agloves Touch Screen Gloves

Agloves Touch Screen Gloves

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I am skeptical that these will really work for I phones. Has anyone tried them while skiing (i.e. wearing these gloves under ski gloves. Does pulling the other gloves on and off wear out the underlying gloves? If not, these would be fabulous (if they work).

Hey @Shespeaks AKA Anne how about we do a Product test on these. I think that would be cool. *+*

Great idea love them!

This is a fantastic idea. I like to check my phone while waiting for the bus outside, so this will work well.

I will definitely will get a pair. I enjoy outdoor activities and sporting events. Just the other night I had freezing hands at a football game (in October!) responding to messages. A unique gift idea too.

Definitely a must-have during the winter! You never have to take your gloves off! I recommend them to anyone with a touchscreen.

I'm thinking these gloves will be a must for me! I'm going to upgrade my dinosaur of a phone to a smart phone soon. Who wants to take their gloves off in the cold weather to text? Not this girl.

I too bought a pair at Walmart, Isotoners~ same idea. LOVE them! I have a Samsung Galaxy S and they work beautifully for texting/emailing. This year I am buying several pairs for gifts. =)

These were hot last year, and this year they're selling them at my BJ's for $16! What a bargain to be able to stay warm and use your touch screen phone at the same time.

They do work for using your cell phone. My son plays football and i wore them watching games. When you need to make a call you don't have to take them off

I am not sure how it would feel having gloves and trying to text at the same time. I'll rather not have them.

this sounds great! i'd love a pair!

I found this product last winter, but I'm pretty sure the brand was Isotoners.... I found them at Walmart for $12 & I use them on my a.m. runs (i use a phone app to keep track of my runs). they really work!!!

I work in the cellphone industry and this would be a great thing to carry in our stores for the winter!!

I love this idea! They seem like really cool gloves!