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  • ademadr By  ademadr    

    This is just mimicking the same thing a neti pot does. I bet you anything it is twice the upkeep as well. I do not trust anything Afrin because of the rebound effect Afrin gives you. Yes, day one you use it and you feel like a super person. No decongestant. As time goes on you realize you need it more and more in order to keep yourself clear from mucus. Also, if you stop using it you get back the sinus drainage you had but with a VENGEANCE! Maybe it is just because I work in health care and hear horror stories about Afrin. I just do not trust a company like that.

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  • KJimenez By  KJimenez    

    LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! This product has helped my entire family!!! Highly recommended in every household!!!

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  • judy64 By  judy64    

    Love this! I use it morning and night. It really helps.

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  • Brenda121 By  Brenda121    

    I've used this before & I love it. I especially like that I can use it after I'm around somebody that smokes..

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  • amyinsf By  amyinsf    

    I tried this.. it's kinda gross. You feel like it's stuck up there, down your throat, etc. for a while.

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  • dstrinque By  dstrinque    

    I am so-so on this product. I can't tell if I am inept, or if the product is supposed to work that way. When I rinse my nose with the product, it doesn't come out the other nostral as described in the directions. I beleive that it did decrease my need for OTC antihistimines. I might try it again to see if that is the case or if it was coinsidence.

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  • jessicamac By  jessicamac    

    Great for quick relief and a good night's sleep.

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