Aerolatte Moo Milk Frother

Aerolatte Moo Milk Frother

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I've owned two of these and the first one was not my favorite but I decided to give it a second try and love the second one. The first one struggled to add any froth to the heated milk and even with new batteries had little life. The second one is phenomenal! It froths the milk in seconds and adds the perfect touch to my morning coffee. I would definitely recommend based on the affordable cost of this.

I love mine! It's perfect for frothing my morning coffee milk and also for mixing chocolate milk or similar drinks together. Although mine broke recently when dropped on the floor so it could stand be sturdier in design

This is my new favorite gadget for the kitchen.I am not a serious Coffee drinker and bought this to mix my Instant Coffee better and it worked great. I was buying flavored creamers at the store for $4 a bottle and was all set. well I decided to play with this with milk and OMG it is a powerhouse. 1/8 cup milk 3 drops of Vanilla extract and 1/4 tsp sugar give it 10 seconds of mixing with the Aerolatte I have my creamer all ready for my coffee at the cost of pennies. I had my Hubby taste the frothed Vanilla cream and he thought it was a marshmallow cream. The kids love to watch the magic when just a little milk gets so fluffy. They love it on top of their Hot Cocoa. can't say enough good things about this handy gizmo.