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  • ashleighDB By  ashleighDB    

    LOVE spark

    I absolutely LOVE Spark. I like that I am getting a full serving of vitamins in each drink. It gives me sustained energy without the crash that I get from coffee. The pink lemonade flavor is very yummy.

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  • agmathis By  agmathis    

    Honestly I'm shocked to see such low ratings for such an amazing product. Then I realized that most of them are from years ago. AdvoCare has revamped it's best seller Spark and has made it even more amazing than it already was. With seven different flavors to choose from everyone is able to find the right flavor for them. You get all the vitamins and minerals without the junk that the competitors offer. There is no crash nor crazy jitters!!

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  • katiebug8 By  katiebug8    

    Gives you great energy, but taste awful. Just awful. It was very hard to get down bc the after taste was so gross, but once i got it down it did give the same energy as the other energy drinks.

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  • Teen2toddler0824 By  Teen2toddler0824    

    I love, love, love AdvoCare products. My family has used the products with fantastic results. Of course they are not magic pills, but combined with clean eating and exercise, if you can fit it in, these products work great. Big Fan of Spark as well as the other products AdvoCare sells.

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  • t_spiffy By  t_spiffy    

    I did not like this at all, very funny after taste.

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  • iheartb By  iheartb    

    really gives you a boost of energy without a crash, helps with mental focus, and tastes great. I would love to give more stars but the product uses an artificial sweetener. If they could switch to stevia or xylitol I would go back to this product.

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