Adele 21

Adele 21

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2018 and still love this. It's 2018 and I still loved Adele and this album due to her classic voice and how she puts emotions in her songs. I highly recommend this album to anyone---whether they physically purchase it at a store or use Amazon Music or etc.

"Hello" adele, i can hear you.... As always, the soulful and sexy sultry voice of adele is as beautiful as always in this album. Her voice captures everyones attention and will have you jamming and singing along to each of her songs.

I have all of her albums and just loved her music styles, it's relaxing and she is a good singer with good lyrics.

I first heard Adele on the Grammy's a few years ago.Duing that time I had filed for divorce and my heart was shattered.When I heard her sing "Somebody like you",I was moved to tears because I could really relate to the lyrics.I bought her album and I knew she was going to be a huge star....Many Grammy's later,I was right!!

She put her heart and soul into this album. Every song is worth listening to again and again.

What's not to love about Adele! Her voice sounds even better since having her throat surgery. This album seems a little different than the first one she put out here in the states as some of the songs sound as if she had a little pain in her heart, but it's simply because she is a talented songwriter. I highly recommend this album!

Such an amazing Album. Adele's voice is gorgeous and you can feel her emotions through her voice. Anyone no matter age or gender can enjoy Adeles songs.

Straight fire 🔥🔥🔥 brought this cd for my mom a couple years ago and we still jam out to it.

Awesome CD just as I expected! Her voice is timeless and she will be around for a long time to come!

I love this album and would definitely recommend it to friends

I could only dream to have her voice and she uses it to reach not only your heart but your soul melts like butter when she sings. Beautiful, love her music!

I love this album. Her sultry, soulful voice is soothing and uplifting. Her lyrics prove she is more than just a celebrity. She is a woman; Like me. She has been on cloud nine, and she has suffered her own heartache. She has felt life and, through her music, you can tell. Definitely worth the money.

You know it's good when you can listen to the whole album and jam to all of the songs! Very talented artist, and I'm so excited for the new album!

I love this album! I would recommend it to all my friends.

An amazing woman with refreshing talent. She mesmerized her audience with her voice.