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  • allieseq0214 By  allieseq0214    

    This movie brought many tears as well as a feeling of proudness and remorse. We seem to take advantage of our freedom sometimes and don't recognize the people who fight and give up their lives for us to be able to keep our freedom and sense of security in our nation. Act of Valor took us on a journey that will always be remembered.

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  • hgirl1020 By  hgirl1020    

    This movie was excellent, but be wary of the rating. It showed the military in ways many people have never seen. Very emotional at times.

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  • chandlersmommy By  chandlersmommy    

    My husband and I really enjoyed this movie! We love the fact that it used real Navy Seals as the actors and that the story was factual. It took on a journey of every emotion possible!

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  • coryellann By  coryellann    

    Great movie!!! The acting is not that great...but really...these are real Navy SEALS so what do you expect. Everyone should see this movie.

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  • panda06 By  panda06    

    I will say the "acting" portions were terrible, but the depiction of what navy seals do was outstanding! It is a movie I've watched several times and am still amazed at the skill and tactics that are used to be so stealth and complete the missions.

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  • sarasponda By  sarasponda    

    This movie had such a good screen play that there really was no need for professional actors. All of the actors were real life marines which makes this all the more impressive. From what others have said, this is a close to accurate portrayal of what really goes on in the battlefields.

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  • mimipenny By  mimipenny    

    This movie is one that everyone should have to see. In the movie there are no actors, just a group of navy seals. The story is based on a true story. Sometimes I feel that we do not appreciate our military like we should. It is a movie that will keep you spellbound, and let you experiance what these men and women go through each day to allow us to have the great life we have. Its action packed and will keep you on the end of your seat.

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