Accessory Alert: Alabama Girl Hats

   By CarolinaMama  Aug 12, 2011

We're all looking to stay cool and look cool during the hottest days of Summer.  So had do you handle 110% humidity and a heat index of 114?!  How about an accessory upgrade!  

Alabama Girl Hats take care of your locks in style and keep you cool in the process!  Moms love to look great during Summertime too.  Now, Alabama Girl show you how to look awesome even in this heat.  These hats are all glitter and girl.  So go ahead and pull up that pony tail with a cool Alabama Girl Hat - they come in all colors and the glitter gives just the right amount of glitz to make your outfit turn fabulous instantly.

Simply mix up a basic pair of shorts or kakhis with a classic white tee and an Alabama Girl Hat.  And word is you do not need to be a Southern girl to appreciate the ease of this perfect Summer accessory.

Hats can be a girls best friend in the middle of Summer.  Girls hats are not just for sports.  So are you a Hat Girl?  If not, give it a try!  I think you will love it especially given the fact that you cannot get any more simple than this.  


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