Abreva Fast Healing Cold Sore Treatment

Abreva Fast Healing Cold Sore Treatment

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This product in my opinion is the only one that does what it's supposed to,and quickly! Bit expensive too.

Thumbs Up Hands down. This is best. I seen result in 24 hours after use.

Always works It is expensive but it does exactly what it says it does.

Won't Use Anything Else! Abreva Fast Healing Cold Sore Treatment is the ONLY treatment I use for my cold sores. It really does help cold sores heal faster if used at the first sign of one beginning. That first tingle is when you have to use it, or else it is useless. Love it!

abreva abreva is one of best cold sore treatment you can buy works great on healing and moisturizing without cracking open the cold sore love it mine was gone in less then 3 days

Abreva Abreva is a bit pricey, but it's one of the best treatments that I've ever used. It works much more quickly than other brands.

Best product for cold sores My husband suffers from cold sores often and I do occasionally. We are both able to tell when a cold sore is coming on. If we use Abreva within the first couple days of getting a cold sore it will take it completely away with no painful or uncomfortable symptoms. This product is a life saver and we will use it for our life time. I have not found any product that is comparable.

Good product - it works better the earlier you use works good. Even better if you feel the cold sore coming on! To be honest, the store brand one works just the same ... but still both are good

Best cold sore ointment! As a person who suffers from cold sores. Thia product is great when used at first tingle of a cold sore! Mine cleares up in two days!

Best on the market Only cold sore medication that works for me. My cold sores are normally just inside my nose and Abreva works great and fast at clearing them up immediately.

Works every time! Abreva works every time. It shortens the length of the cold sore and doesn't dry it out to where it hurts. The product is very tiny and pricey but it does work. But you have to start using it right when you feel a cold sore creeping up. I tried cheaper brands and they don't work very well like Abreva.

Abreva does work it's magic! This product is a little on the expensive side...but you know what they say. Buy cheap products, receive "cheap" results, heh. But for real, this product is worth every single, shiny penny. If used while you're "tingling" the results are the best during that timeframe. Also, it's the best lip medicine out there which works much faster, decreases the pain you're having, AND works against heavy scarring. So, there's a reason WHY this product is a little expensive...cuz it really can do its magic over just a few days! Would you rather be treated and over this embarrassing period much faster and go out dancing by the weekend THAN be hiding in a dirty, musty basement for a week or so? Just keeping it real.

I Swear By Abreva Abreva has saved my mouth on many occasions. Leaving the coldsores alone with no treatment is always painful for me and they take weeks to go away. Abreva always takes them down in a matter of days and greatly helps reduce the chance of the sores cracking and bleeding. Highly recommended and widely used in my family.

Works great! I swear by this! Whenever I feel a cold sore coming on I use this and it definitely shortens the length I have them! They sometimes don't even come out all the way!

It's pricey, but it does shorten the healing time of cold sores (but you have to catch them right when they start to "tingle" before they become a full blown cold sores), plus it doesn't dry them out and make them crack (and hurt!!!) like other, cheaper brands. Worth the extra expense.