Abercrombie & Fitch Clothing

Abercrombie & Fitch Clothing

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Worst Store!Especially for There Target Market Worst store ever! Too skimpy and sexy for the young girls that shop there! Also I mean come on its 2022 not EVERY young girl is a size 0! LITERALLY! What are you guys thinking Abercrombie? Also the prices??? Are you kidding me? I'd give you 0 stars if I could!

Tween Obsessed My 12 year old daughter loves Abercrombie. Overall, I think the quality is good, but they are a little overpriced, fortunately they tend to run decent sales on a pretty regular basis.

Abercrombie clothing is good quality. It lasts and I love the brand. A&F jeans are comfortable and long which I love since Im tall.

I love their jeans and accessories. I am not a huge fan if their sweaters because I find them to be itchy.

I still buy this for just regular clothes around the casa but they do shrink a lot so be careful when doing laundry!

Why so many horrible reviews? I love Abercrombie! Their clothes are high quality, trendy, cool, and well-made. Sure, it may be a bit overpriced but you can always guarantee high quality clothes at this store! More than a quarter of my wardrobe is from this place. At least their clothes don't shrink as easily as Children's Place stuff... :/

I work in the garment & footwear (outdoor) industry and know a bit about construciton. The answer for me is "it depends"... some of thier styles such as shorts and pants are pretty sturdy. Some are almost too heavy (my son has a pair of cargo shorts that weigh a ton) but they seem industrable. I had a few tops and sweaters that pilled like crazy with very little provacation. I feel they are very pricey but understand the importance for my son (in High School) to have a few pieces of clothing from a brand that has cache for his peers.

I just adore Abercrombie and Fitch! Yes, they are expensive but the quality of their clothes is worth the buck!

WAY over priced

Quality is great, totally over priced, we only shop during sales.

All of the clothes are well made . The quality is great . They dont shrink in the dryer . They smell so good when you first buy them . Also it can be expensive but there is a clearance section . The jeans typical run from 50 and ^ . Its popular with teenagers and adults.