Abby Johnson Unplanned

Abby Johnson Unplanned

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This book literally changed my life. I have not had the unfortunate experience of having a crisis pregnancy, but I have at one point been both pro-life and pro-choice. I was very grateful that this book was written from someone who has actually been there, both having accidental pregnancies and working in the abortion industry. Too often we hear rhetoric from extreme pro-lifers who have never "walked a mile" in another's shoes (and to be fair there is rhetoric on both sides for sure). So I thought this book would offer a different, more realistic and eye-opening viewpoint...and I was right. In my teenage years I was much more self-righteous and very much pro-life. This is not to say that all pro-lifers are self-righteous but I certainly was. Things were very black and white for me. Abortion is wrong. Period. The end. Then in my mid-20's I was an adult and started to experience the real world and all the gray areas that life had to offer. I progressively became more left-leaning until I was just slightly left of center, By this point, I considered myself pro-choice. I still hate(d) abortion, but surely I couldn't tell someone else what they had the right to do with their body could I? Then I heard about Unplanned and was intrigued. I immediately got my hands on a copy and devoured it. After I finished it, I couldn't stop thinking about it...and thinking and thinking. I knew something was changing and after much consideration I decided to make a few changes (you can read about that at if you're interested). Needless to say, this book was excellent and I highly recommend it. I wish everyone would read this before deciding where they sit on the abortion issue. I know that there are critics and skeptics who question Abby's motivation and story, but let me ask you this: Who would have more to hide? One woman who has since consistently shown that she believes in what she says by publicly rallying for the truth and against Planned Parenthood as well as changing her family's religious affiliation to one that opposes birth control? Abby has shown her passionate about-face on this issue and I believe she is sincere. Or a multi-billion dollar organization that has been shown to be deceptive and relies on public and private funds to keep them going, and whose mission it is to make women believe that their babies are nothing more than tissue in order to keep them in business? Sounds pretty clear to me.