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  • Puhcho87 By  Puhcho87    

    I am happy with Aol mail.

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  • chatty45 By  chatty45    

    i don't like AOL. The customer service is terrible! After having problems with my account, and finally getting though on the phone to talk to a human. I was told to send a letter to have my account closed. Once opening my account it was impossible to discontinue. Never would I have used AOL if I knew what a problem it would be to close my account

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    i never liked AOL, sure i used it when internet first took off. it was a hot topic. but afterwards, all the extra charges attached? i rather use regular web browsers

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  • igottayota2 By  igottayota2    

    I only use Aol for email I love the features of it but Thats the only thing I use Aol for because it bogs my computer down

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  • SiLvEr-StArS By  SiLvEr-StArS    

    Yesss, AOL security software & the AOL website by it's self is really good. Every time I had a problem I would chat 1 on 1, Live help Or Call them by phone . Either way they always solve/fix the problems. And I've been w/AOL for a while now, and still so far so good!

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  • JSWedel By  JSWedel    

    I am happy with the security software and the ease of AOL - especially the computer check up features that just require quick clicks to fix & correct problems because I am by know means "tech savvy"

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  • Krystalsheree By  Krystalsheree    

    I think its pretty good we have it we use it every know and then

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