AMOREPACIFIC Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System

AMOREPACIFIC Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System

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I LOVE skin sprays. This one hydrates and moisturizes. It irritates my eye area a little bit, but I still use it. In fact, my bottle is almost gone!

I like the way this product made my skin feel, it was refreshing.

This works beautifully and is fresh and invigorating on your skin. I didn't give it five stars because there are others that I like as much or more than this one, however, I would recommend trying it and giving it a chance. You have to use a skincare routine for a month to see if ti really works for you. I did that and it was good, but not exceptional. So I will go back to looking for another that is spectacular and does everything I need.

The scent is so refreshing and I love how it feels on my face. Very light and refreshing. I have enjoyed every misting moment. So glad I got to try this out from my February Cravebox I won!!

This is a really interesting product. I have never used a moisturizer in this form before and find it to be convenient and refreshing. As other reviewers has stated, this seems like an ideal product for summertime when you overdue it on the sunbathing! The scent is light and if you dislike the oily and heavy feel you get with just about every moisturizer out there, then this is a great product for you.

I like it, made my skin soft and refreshed.

wow after seeing the reviews, maybe my experience was unique. i have really dry skin and felt no relief using this product.

I love this product, I apply it after using the wash that came w/ it & they work great together. I will buy this product

I like this product and feels great on my skin.

I like this product for light moisturizing. My skin is on the dry side so this product is not enough of a moisturizer for all my needs. And, I'm having a little trouble getting use to the spray vs a lotion. Not sure I would buy again but I have enjoyed trying it.

Love the smell and the feel of this moisturizer. Has a different but good feel when going on. Really cool product and I think i will use it more in the summer. Thanks for letting me give it a try.

Love it. feels great on the skin

Great brand but not completely into the spray, I'm waiting till it's warmer out and maybe I'll like it better! Otherwise it's not bad but not grea!

This is a nice and refreshing mist for your face. It is a great way to add a little moisture when your skin is feeling tight and dry. I would expect this spray to be a small solution to a bigger problem - you need to better moisturize your face! This is a nice product to bring along on a day trip to the zoo or beach, but not something I would typically buy.

This is refreshing & provides light hydration in a fine mist. I like it doesn't have water & has nice botanical ingredients instead that gives a nice scent. I carry this in my purse & noticed it had moisture around cap where it leaked a little- bottle does seem kind of cheaply made for this kind of price. That is only part I don't like so I'm not sure if I would buy this.