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  • Megstar By  Megstar    

    I am addicted after watching the first show! I can't stop streaming all the juicy stuff that goes on and just love all the authentic fashion. Hard to believe I'm just now watching it since it's been around for years. What took me so long?

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  • aminator By  aminator    

    The best!

    Best show ever! Great acting and storylines. All TV should be this good.

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  • Veronicalodge By  Veronicalodge    

    Mad for Mad Men!

    As a lover of more vapid & soapy shows (think Beverly Hills 90210 & Gossip Girl reruns), I hadn?t made the Mad Men jump until 2012, which I believe was already 4 seasons or so in? I was working at a place where mad men was a common topic so instead of feeling like the outsider, I finally took the plunge and binged! Keep in mind, I am a girl that has the attention span of a child even on add medication, so it takes a lot to really get my attention! While my best friend who I ended up getting into mad men too, it became a competition as he was watching more than me at one point and was giving up little sub plots and story lines just to mess with me! He was surprised I liked it as he pointed it he thought it was a bit slow, and I would eventually concur to this, though not at the first episode or so. Mad men is honestly one f the few quality tv shows that has been done extremely well and casted to perfection. It is a show that does have soapy elements but not in such ways that a male wouldn?t watch it, and not a show geared to a gender specific audience. While I think the finale seasons started lacking, every series that has more than 2 or 3 seasons will have a fan that has a favorite and least favorite. Many times a first season or at least first few episodes In a new series are iffy (flashback to Bev Hills 90210 original, first season was painfully boring as was Melrose place, but afterwards would pick up and become much more exciting) , mad men doesn?t have that problem. The only negative I will mention is that a friend did mention that it seemed at times when they got lazy or were out of material they would tend to do ?flashbacks?to Don Draper?s past (Jon Hamm- who honestly just as eye candy is worth watching even if you have less of an attention span as me, as he is so charismatic & classically handsome that it?s just the cherry on top of the sundae)!

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  • ashenowl By  ashenowl    

    Great Show

    I love Mad Men, and especially the commentaries on the DVD box sets. It's one of the few shows that had an idea, ran with it, and ended in it's prime. The later success of stars like Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss show that the creators clearly knew what they were doing.

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  • jannL7 By  jannL7    

    Best show ever

    One of the greatest shows I have ever watched! The storyline gets better and better each season, the characters are likeable and relateable. I just love the wardrobe from that time period and seeing the show evolve as the years pass. Such a great show that ended way to soon.

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  • Anniekt2 By  Anniekt2    

    I loved this show. I hated the way it ended. I loved the way men wore suits all the time and people dressed up for work and dinner. Wasn't real fond of the affairs.

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  • Kclift By  Kclift    

    Mad Men Season 1 was INCREDIBLE! You'll be hooked when you watch this!

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  • michellebryan2 By  michellebryan2    


    I really like this game and i play it everyday on hit it rich!!

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  • jessicalynnstrom By  jessicalynnstrom    

    Factastic show

    I LOVE this show. It is seriously poignant and makes great statement about women. There are moments that will leave you on the edge of your seat and other moments that will have you in tears.

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  • Teresadeck81 By  Teresadeck81    

    Women are now heard

    Love this show really takes you back to those lost days when times were different and women didn't speak up

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  • thehut By  thehut    

    great show

    I'm already on season 3 & I love this show! Donnie draper!? What can I say I love a man in a suit. Besides him, there is a great storyline going on with him and his family. Now they're exploring her family more, as if to show how she is the way she is.

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  • SophiaG By  SophiaG    

    Good Show

    Good show with great production and directing. Yes lots of was in then and was actually "in style" to do. We didnt hear about how bad it was for you then but unfortunately that left alot of ys with cancer and or addicted!

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  • Trulyyourjenny By  Trulyyourjenny    

    Accurate and entertaining

    Historically accurate clothes and gender roles. I like the story plot a lot. The main character is likable but viewers also can see his flaws. Production value is amazing. Highly recommend.

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  • natbag By  natbag    

    Draper fan

    This was an amazing series to watch on Netflix. I fell in love with Don Draper and all his affairs.

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  • krodriguez By  krodriguez    

    I absolutely love this show! I own the entire series on DVD. I just love the period of time the show is set in even though it's before I was born. It just really intrigues me and I love discussing it with my mom.

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