ACT Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash With Zero Alcohol, Mint Burst

ACT Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash With Zero Alcohol, Mint Burst

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Great mouthwash for the average Joe. I have Sjogren's Syndrome and this didn't come close to helping clean my teeth, literally my dentist could tell when I switched mouthwash. But it would be great for kids or perfectly healthy people.

Super fresh! Works great for me and my son! Love using it in the mornings when I?m in a hurry

Helpful! It's a great product for oral care and my mouth feels better ever since I've started using this product

Non alcohol No alcohol. That sells me on a mouthwash!!! Great taste also. Fresh breath.

Happy Customer based on Quality This ACT Restoring Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash has become a family go to product like a regular must have necessity in my family. How certain people feel empty if they forget their favorite sweater or necklace before they leave their house, well in my family?s case if we forget to get our daily morning dose of ACT Restoring Mouthwash in the morning before we all head on out the door to begin our day, it just starts off the day in a ?Todays not my kind of day?, kind of thing. I hadn't read that it contains 11% alcohol, I would've never known that it actually contains alcohol! It does not tingle like some other mouthwash products I've used before do. It works on strengthening my enamel and giving me fresh breath while reducing plaque build up. I like that it doesn't leave any leftover/residue that can be hard to get rid of. I like that it gently takes care of my oral health. I can now easily use it twice per day because I can actually keep swishing it for a minute without wanting all the tingling sensation. The blue color of the mouthwash is creative and fun. Nothing but positive reviews and happy family on our end based of this affordable quality item.

Works great! I like Act because this one is zero alchhol. It is minty in flavor, which is my favorite for mouthwash. I like that it has a premeasured cup for me to pour and swish!

Amazing!!! I love this mouthwash!! It leaves my mouth fresh and feeling cleaner then ever before

Yes yes and yes This is, by far, my favorite mouthwash, and not just because my dentist recommended it name! It gives me such a clean fresh feeling every morning to start my day and doesn?t taste horrible. Even my teens like it so it?s a WIN!

We love this!! We tried this as a family and we all really liked it. The fresh feeling it left was amazing and it left our mouths feeling clean but not burning hot! This is our new go to brand!

Loved the fresh feeling it left. The taste is good highly recommend!!

This is a good product. There is no alcohol ACT mouthwash. I am sure it will be definitely your favorite.

Doesn?t burn Great mouthwash. Keeps my breath fresh and isn't too harsh or overwhelming. This mouthwash has helped prevent cavities and was recommended by my dentist.

I recently bought this product and used it myself. There is still a small amount of a burning sensation even though it has zero alcohol. It is not nearly as bad as the ones with alcohol. It leaves your breath minty fresh and teeth feeling clean ! My kids will use this without complaining "it's hot" like they do with other mint flavored products. I will definitely be buying and using this again.

I like that it is alcohol free so safe around children, the taste is not great, but it does leave your mouth feeling minty!

Wonderful This is a great mouth rinse, and I like that it has no alcohol, I have tried every brand and this is the one I keep returning too