ABC Once Upon a Time

ABC Once Upon a Time

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90% Recommended
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Amazingly Creative!!! I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED this tv show! Keeps you on the edge of your seat through the entire film!

Love the show!! Even the last season they made. Love how they turned the Disney movies different as we already know

Love em Love these series of seasoned fairy tales. Takes me back to my childhood days.

I love this show. I like how they make the Disney stories different and entertaining.

Excellent show for the whole family I am a huge fan of this show. I love how they re-created some of the big Disney movies into real life Disney story. They have also made some twists and surprises with some of these Disney stories they have remade in this show. I think it's perfect for the whole family to watch and enjoy some of the changes and excitement it has to offer. Brilliant director with creating this show. Very entertaining with the same Disney fantasy appeal.

Great family show I love this show. I've always loved Disney movies or fairytales and this show has taken that and made it great for adults! I also like that I don't have to turn it off when my kids walk into the room because it's clean and family oriented!

They have done a wonderful job with this show. Each episode is entertaining!

Loved this show! Such an amazing show! I absolutely loved every single character and there storyline! I can't wait for the next season but I'm sad a lot of the main character won't return. But still excited!

Favorite show! One of the best shows out there! My favorite show and I could binge watch it all day long! Can't wait for the new season to get here already! I miss seeing Hooks beautiful face!! :-)

Forever in Love I love this show. First off magic is always cool no matter what age you are. This show has a do anything necessary to protect love which is sweet. Sometimes the heroine (Emma) gets in the way of my fave character the Evil Queen. This show is a perfect example of trying to do good things and being very bad at it.

Netflix Binge I've been watching this show on Netflix. I'm through season one and just starting season 2. I hope it keeps up the drama and excitement. So, far I love it.

OUAT My favorite TV show! I even named my chug Emma because of a character on the show. Why can't they put out the episodes if OUAT faster? I am definitely an addict! Hook is sexy--that's a bonus!!

Hooked with this show. I'm looking forward to the next season.

I love this show! I like how each story has a back story and are all connected. I got my brother hooked! ;)

Cannot get enough of this amazing show. Brings me back to being a child watching my favorite Disney movies. I will be sad for the day they cancel this show.