A Twist to Chunky Salsa


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  • Prep Time:
    15 Mins
  • Cook Time:
  • Total Prep + Cook Time:
    15 Mins
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A Twist to Chunky Salsa

Makes: 3 servings

Description: A great Mexican salsa recipe

1  ripe Hass Avocado
4 or more  ripe Plum tomatoes (can change type)
Handful  Cilantro leaves
1  garlic clove
1  lime
2  medium green Jalapeno
1 or more tsp  Italian dressing (can be light)
dash  black pepper
dash  sea salt
1 small  red onion

Instructions: Cut Avocado into amount of small pieces you want to use. Cut one of the plum tomatoes into very small chunks sizes. Use a small bit of the red onion and dice them. Set these three ingredients aside. Put into a blender, or using another appliance, the ingredients for the Salsa, (except the black pepper which you can omit if not used for seasoning). These ingredients are: the Jalapeno peppers, Italian salad dressing, cilantro leaves, garlic, lime juice, sea salt, rest of tomatoes, and a bit of the red onion.

I start putting a conservative amount of ingredient, until I can taste the tomato, and then add more. I do not use the whole lime, onion, or Avocado, or Cilantro bunch. If I use it like a dressing, I simply add olive oil, and perhaps some cut cheese. The following units and prep time will be incorrect as I don't prepare this as such.

This is my own recipe, so it may vary for your own tastebuds. It is usually with Tortilla chips, but good with a lot of different meals.

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  • Author image By Rickeasha
    Nov 30, 2017   Edit

    Going to try this dip out sound really good

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