A Skateboard and a Stroller All In One: Sounds Fun But Is It Safe?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 03, 2013

It’s not unusual to see a parent zoom by on a bicycle with a baby or toddler strapped into a specially attached seat, but have you ever seen the skateboard version of this? Though not yet on the market, there is now a prototype Longboardstroller aimed at urban parents on the go that may be missing their skateboarding days of yesteryear.

Today reports about the unique transportation the stroller maker Quincy partnered with Quinny and Belgian design agency Studio Peter van Riet set out to design. When you look at jogging strollers and baby bike seats, the skateboard stroller may seem like the logical next step. The company explains their intentions releasing this statement on the site, “It’s an alternative solution which makes it easy to travel longer distances in a nice, environmentally friendly way. You don’t have to leave the city when you become a parent... for parents with a positive attitude and the right solutions, the city is a place full of opportunities.”

The skateboard/stroller works much like a normal skateboard just with the added attachment of a lightweight stroller up front. The parent holds onto the stroller handles while propelling the board with her/his feet. A Youtube clip shows viewers how it works when the company performed a test day complete with helmet-wearing toddlers, but there is still much work to do before this hits the market. The company stresses that safety is extremely important and they don’t plan on putting it on the market until they are one hundred percent confident they can provide a smooth ride.

What do you think of the stroller/skateboard combo?

Do you think this has potential to be a fun form of transportation for urban parents or is it too unsafe?

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bethlucile by bethlucile | LOWELL, MA
Jul 08, 2013

omg. Just looking at that picture gives me anxiety. I don't thik that's a safe idea yeah sure, cool, it's neat interesting and a first time thing but that doesn't mean that we shoud use it.

angelabrooks by angelabrooks | CEDAR RAPIDS, IA
Jul 03, 2013

To me this makes about as much sense as launching a pre-teen maternity line of clothes. Sure with society going down hill there is a demand for it but what message dies it send out. This product to me seems like it was geared towards the very young parents. Who instead need a swift kick in the butt if reality are getting "toys" . Instead of going into a morals tyraid I'll simply say what message are we giving our children ?

RondaM by RondaM | PORT ST LUCIE, FL
Jul 03, 2013

Looking at the video, I'm glad the child is wearing a helmet. I'm thinking about myself playing on a skateboard when I was younger and the sidewalks having the lines every few feet. At times the front of the board would tip forward and I'd have to brace myself and keep balance. I can't imagine doing that with a baby attached to the front.