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A Resort With Blonde Ambition

SS Member Image By drodriguez 10.16.10
A Resort With Blonde Ambition
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No matter how good your resume looks it may not be enough to land you a job at a new resort set to open in the exotic Maldives. A Lithuanian firm called Olialia (pronounced ooh-la-la) plans to open a resort on the island and employ exclusively blonde women to run it.  

A recent report from CNN discusses Olialia’s plans for the resort set to open in 2015 and the public’s reaction.  The firm has also stated that there will be an airline established to take tourists to the resort that will also be employed exclusively by blonde flight attendants and pilots.  

One spokeswoman for the company, Giedre Pukiene, discusses some of the controversial plans for the luxury resort.  Pukiene says, “There are plans to build a high-class blondes resort with hotels, entertainment, and spa centers on the island.  Other important things - like and education (center) called ?Pretty Women’ - will teach female guests to always be perfect and look great.”  

It has not yet been made clear whether women will have to be naturally blonde or dye their hair in order to work there. Pukiene has spoken to the BBC about her company which is run and staffed by blondes saying, “But we find that when women with dark hair work here, they are surrounded by all these beautiful blondes, so eventually they end up going blonde too.

So far, response to the plans for the resort have been mixed with some people arguing that having employees dye their hair blonde is not much different than asking them to be clean shaven while others find it both sexist and racist to staff an entire resort with one “type” of person.

What do you think of the plans to open a resort staffed with all blonde women?

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  • jmsargent By jmsargent

    I don't think that making employees be a certain way naturally or force them to change is not a good idea. Too often women are forced to change who they are to conform to what society thinks is the way we should be. Women need to stand together and just remain true to ourselves.

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    This is too weird.

  • MarieVonLove By MarieVonLove

    This just screams "Nazi" to me.

  • girl17 By girl17

    I'm not sure I get the point of only blondes. I think the resort might unintentionally limit its guests too if they aren't interested in only blondes. This just seems a little odd to me, not really offensive, just weird.

  • jan866 By jan866

    dumb blondes. lol

  • MadHatter By MadHatter

    isn't this a new form of discriminating? does that mean that now business can hire only skinny people and deny fat people? white people instead of black? hey, if they can do it, then why can't others right?

  • jenndta69 By jenndta69

    This is one of the dumbest things that I have ever heard of. Needless to say, because it's in their country, I don't care. It's stupid, but it does not affect me. However, if they ever try that here in the US, I will take my reddish brown self over there and give them a piece of my mind!!!

  • docmp78 By docmp78

    this is ridiculous! Y would some1 who feels gr8,n perfect in whatever hair color they ve,shld dye their hair,in order to get a job there!! Sounds more like playboy resort! N who will come here,only guys? I don't think any woman wants to take her family vacation only for bachelor boys! BIG FLOP:)

  • mrsmclain By mrsmclain

    This is the stupidist thing I have ever heard. One word: Discrimination!

  • breezy123 By breezy123

    This disgust me that someone this day in age would come up with some moroon idea as this.

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