A New Year Brings A New Network

   By drodriguez  Dec 29, 2010

Looking for some new programming to watch in 2011?  One woman is making sure there will be plenty.  As Oprah Winfrey’s network talk show completes its 25th and final season, a new Oprah endeavor is born.  OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) is set to launch January 1st, 2011 debuting a lineup of shows that would interest any Oprah fan and then some.

OWN will begin airing on what we all currently know as the Discovery Health Channel.  Some shows you may already watch like Mystery Diagnosis and Deliver Me will still air on OWN along with the new lineup.  If you’re not too sure about what to expect from the new network, you should tune in January 1st at noon when Oprah will host a show to let viewers in on the new lineup as well as share her vision of OWN.  

On January 2nd you can expect to settle in with Oprah’s most famous experts like Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, and Suze Orman as they host a 2-hour special called Ask Oprah’s All-Stars.  Another show that will debut during OWN’s launch weekend is Oprah Presents Master Class, where some of our most influential public “thought leaders”, like Diane Sawyer, will share their wisdom.  

Oprah will also reveal what it takes to make her long-running network talkshow so successful.  Season 25: Oprah Behind The Scenes will debut on Saturday with two episodes.  There will also be cooking shows, design shows, reality shows including Miracle Detectives about detectives who investigate events that have defied logic, a show hosted by a sex and relationship therapist that makes house calls, and much much more.

What do you think of Oprah Winfrey’s OWN?

Does OWN sound like a network you would be interested in watching?

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mothergoose62 by mothergoose62 | WILKESBORO, NC
Jan 27, 2011

I really like Suze Orman. With the economic situation as it is, she is a great person to listen to and direct financial questions. Alot of what she says is pure common sense. Dr. Phil has never been one of my favorites. He is right boring. Dr. Oz is "hit and miss", but I like what he has to say most of the time.

tngal39 by tngal39 | Bristol, TN
Jan 06, 2011

I think it would be a good take off show but I have not yet seen it so I wouldn't know if I would like it or not.

bean42069 by bean42069 | Goldsboro, NC
Jan 06, 2011

I've watched some of it over the past few days, it's nice having some of the people whose advice I trust all in one place. I was worried about what they would do with the shows from the channel she is on now, but I found most of them on FitTV (yay!).

girliegirl by girliegirl | los angeles, CA
Jan 05, 2011

I absolutely love the OWN channel.....I started watching it since the countdown on the first and I am so inspired by the entire network. My favorite shows so far are Master Class and the OWN show. Thank you for the sneak preview!!!

cwind01 by cwind01 | Houston, TX
Jan 04, 2011

Yes, I started watching OWN since 1-1-11 and the Master Class is awesome. I really liked the little tips with the clutter show and now everyday I can not wait to see what is coming next. I like that the segments are addressing things that most people wonder about.

NotTheFoggiestIdea by NotTheFoggiestIdea | EATON, OH
Jan 04, 2011

I think it will be a winner.Whatever she touches always is.She says read this book & it goes to #1. She says buy this & it sells billons.We will all watch but if it isn't good we will not stay.I liked what I've seen so far.

scorpio by scorpio | HORSHAM, PA
Jan 04, 2011

Yes, what I have seen on OWN so far has been good. I really enjoyed watching Season 25 - Oprah Behind The Scenes. Having the chance to see what it takes to produce an episode of the Oprah show is almost more facinating than watching the show itself. It has been my favorite show to watch so far. I did look at Miracle Detectives and although the first episode kept my interest, I'm not sure if I will continue to find the show interesting enough to watch each week. I do like that the network seems to have a variety of shows to appeal to many diiferent interests and I look foward to watching some more upcoming new shows on OWN.

oceangirl1 by oceangirl1 | Waterbury, CT
Jan 04, 2011

What ever Oprah does is amazing............

happy2 by happy2 | MATTESON, IL
Jan 04, 2011

I watched it 1-1-11 and it was good, I like the different shows that can be viewed on OWN. I really enjoyed the Master Class. Before the network hit the air, I called my cable company and asked will I be to view OWN and was told yes. She has me as a viewer with my family and friends.

MyEmptyCanvas by MyEmptyCanvas | KOSCIUSKO, MS
Jan 04, 2011

Yes, it sounds like a network/ channel I'd love to watch, but unfortunately, it is not on any channels here. I did the search on her site - it had my cable company listed, but stated it was not available. Oh well then.

roselisa202 by roselisa202 | ofallon, MO
Jan 03, 2011

I have always enjoyed Oprah. There have been a handful of her shows that I did not enjoy, usually because the guest was someone with whom I could not connect. I believe that Oprah and her staff ask honest questions that the average person would ask, and they have treated their guests with kindness and consideration. I look forward to a new era of Oprah's network. I am sure if she is involved with it, it will succeed.

lastnerve by lastnerve | LAS VEGAS, NV
Jan 03, 2011

I think this is exactly the kind of channel I am looking for. These are people that the public WANTS to see. Something that is not so celebricized. Is that even a word? I'm tired of seeing "celebrities" who are known for NOTHING. It used to be that a person had to have talent. Talent comes from everywhere but not something like a reality show. I like to know that there are informed guests and hosts involved in a network.

c931trish by c931trish | SEMMES, AL
Jan 03, 2011

I have never enjoyed watching talk shows or day time TV of any kind.But I do give Oprah a standing ovation for accompolishing all she has over the years and becoming one of the most successful females on TV.I wish her much success with her new network.

jennyjen1234 by jennyjen1234 | Verbena, AL
Jan 02, 2011

Yes - I watched for the first time this morning. Love it! I saw the Master Class with Jay Z and two of the Behind the Scenes (Audience going to Australia and Oprah going back to West Virginia. I really like the format of both shows. I am looking forward to the Diane Sawyer Master Class. Thanks Oprah for continuing to educate and entertain!

camillion by camillion | Russellville, AR
Dec 30, 2010

I remember watching Oprah when she first began her endeavor back in 1986. I had a new born baby and was living several states away from any family. So Oprah was a Blessing to me every day. I will never forget watching her from day one.... Thanks Oprah for the past 25 years you have given me!