A New Kind of School Supply List

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 25, 2020

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Heading back to school may look a little different this year for families across the country. Whether your kids are heading back full-time, doing school at home, or some combination of both this fall, getting started with school supplies will be your first stop. And adjusting your supply list will have everything to do with new safety precautions and how much time your kids will spend at home or school. 

In-School Learning
Many schools are focusing on the idea that kids will carry their school supplies with them all day so there is no sharing, A good sized pencil case and a comfortable backpack are a must. But aside from the regular school supplies, kids are going to need to carry along their own PPE items like masks and pocket hand sanitizers. 

MaskClub is a fun organization that sells adult and child-size masks for every day of the week, that way you can keep up with laundry while your kids have fresh clean masks for school each day. MaskClub offers an enormous variety of colorful patterns from super hero to emoji masks.

Photo Credit: MaskClub

Your kids will happily to keep their hands clean with More Than Magic hand sanitizer that comes in a wide variety of scents like melon mango melt and cheerful choco orange.

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Finding a spot in your home where your kids can stay on task and away from distractions can be a real challenge. That’s why we love Facebook mom, Angelina Harper’s, idea to make cardboard dividers for kids that will allow them some privacy even when you’re all sharing the kitchen table. Harper adds hooks to her boards that allow her kids to hang their schedules, pencil cases, calendars and everything else to keep them organized.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Angelina Harper

We also like this desktop carousel to set out in the middle of the table so that kids have everything they need right at their fingertips. 

Photo Credit: Discount School Supplies

What new school supplies have you added to the list this year? Write a review of your favorite products here to tell others about them!

Are your kids at home, in school, or a combo of both this fall?

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Aug 27, 2020

we can do amazing things  without buying a lot of stuff.  challnge your child to repurpose.