A Jean Jacket With Touchscreen Technology

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 16, 2017

If you haven’t purchased a jean jacket since the 1980’s, a current smart jacket design may have you longing to add denim back into your wardrobe in a big way. Levi’s and Google have teamed up to create something they call the Commuter, a jacket that works with your smartphone to bring touchscreen technology to wearable everyday fashion.

Engadget reports about the Commuter jacket that was introduced last year and is set to hit stores this fall. The very normal looking denim jacket is anything but your average light layer for a cool day. Though it will still keep you warm, it has a special conductive fabric and Bluetooth attachment that allows the jacket to do things like brush your fingers over the sleeve to find out what time it is or swipe to skip, pause and play tracks on music apps. In the future, Levi’s says they are working on more ways for wearers of the jacket to interact with the clothing.

And if you’re worried that everyone on the subway/bus/bike route/walk to work will be ogling at your super cool new tech-savvy jacket - you will be pleasantly surprised that there is not much to make the futuristic fashion look like any other type of jean jacket. Aside from a small black cuff that attaches and blends in pretty well, the Commuter looks pretty much the same as all the other Levi’s jean jackets on the market. The cost is a bit higher though, at around $350 this may be something many save up for or add to their holiday wish lists next winter. The battery life of the detachable cuff lasts about 2 days before a recharge is needed and as long as you take off the sleeve cuff you can even give it a good wash in the washing machine.

What do you think of the new Commuter jacket set to hit stores in the fall?

Does this sound like a fashion trend you can get behind?

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crowgrl13 by crowgrl13 | unsubscribe, CA
Mar 18, 2017

I don't know that I'd spend $350 on a jean jacket, even one with all that technology, but the fact that you can wash it in the machine is a definite plus.